Saturday, August 2, 2008

working on Covers (yuck!) and retrieving records from CHS Active Directory

August 1st

Yest watched drill bit Taylor, connected to active directory employee information, met with Reid about the adjustments project, he is putting it on hold while he researched a possible staff ware solution. Went to the grocery store with Penni. fixed zucchini salsa for dinner crashed early.

July 31st

Picked up the PA, Had an Employee Satisfaction meeting. sat up and ran the PA. When to practice.

July 30th

Got the html table in the adjustment database straight. Felt bad after work, Living in the bedroom is bumming me out. Went to practice Worked on Bright Eyes cover Radiohead and Violent Femmes songs, (Covers yuck!)

July 29th

Stressed out working on databases. Took a walk in the hot sun and felt better. Wal-mart had no hula hoops. The tile guy say 200 more for concrete issues. Ate at Frankie's.

July 28th

Went to practice, loaded new samples for the strength from within song and Bright Eyes cover and half time strength chorus. It was a terrible idea got home and played magic pen.

July 27th

Meeting about karaoke hot dog sale for united way. Ate at Showmars with miss A. Did a few ace modules. the tile guy started not being downstairs drove Penni crazy.

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