Monday, July 21, 2008

The week of Herbert / played The Money in Rock Hill

Saturday 26th

I woke up late and ate at Izzy's with Penni. Picked up a cheap white table cloth for the Merch-Table. I went to the Practice space and ran through the newer songs, Then loaded up and headed to the gig with illli-citizen, Rekless young and Red Letter Blue. The MerchTable look good. An extra band, the supra-phonics showed up because on a mistake with the owner. but they were cool about it. Chuck, Neil and a Lot of Scott's friends and family showed up. The owner rebuilt the drum riser shallower that it was. it was a challenge to play with my elbows stuck against a wall but i managed OK. The show made no money but we did get enough to pay the sound guy. after the gig we unloaded at 3am, then Scott and I went to Skyland. I finally got home, showered and crashed at 5am. whew.

Friday 25th

Finally got the SSI and Citrix people together. talked with boss about the work flow for the adjusts sheet project. did you know you can cheat a survey by deleting your temporary internet files. Penni brought home Qdobas. I felt bad all night. It was probably the extended lack of sleep.

Thursday 24th

The CHS Citrix guru canceled at the last minute on my phone conference with SSI. I met with legal dept for talk about the automatic mail merges. there is a question about the court house accepting single sided print outs. I bought paper toilets cookies and milk for Penni on the way home. I wrote huge check to the tile guy and burned 16 CDs with the K3B bulk copy function on the Linux Coffee table PC. i w practiced. I sounded bad because the last few practices were used to dig up bands to play the show at the money with us and to build Herbert the merch guy. I was dead tired after practice.

Wednesday 23rd

Finally got the Citrix and SSI programmers scheduled in a conference call. Finish "herbert the merch guy".Printed fliers for the Show at the Money in Rock Hill. Scott's voice was falling apart at practice. He needs to take better care of himself, ( ei: he needs to do exactly what i say all the time.)

Tuesday 22nd

worked... *details blurry* put together the artwork for Herbert the Merch-guy,

Monday 21st

Practiced,ironed out the plans for Herbert-from-family-uy Merch-display.

Sunday 20th

Practiced, worked on new song, discussed Ideas for the band Merch-table.

Saturday 19th

I took Penni to Frankies for dinner, it was nice. There were a lot of pregnant women there. I know there is a specific reason that pregnant woman sit the way that do, but man, gross!

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