Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas, Bone Volume 6, ATHF Volume 6, Medicaid Web Automation Tool Testing and Eclipse Editor Colors

Dec 27 Saturday

Penni and I woke up early and drove to Statesville to eat Xmas breakfast with my Dads side of the family. We ran into some nasty sports event traffic on way back on 77 near downtown. We dropped off my phone at a Verizon store. the charging port is messed up and they are sending me a new one. I texted the Sysadmin, Scott and My Boss my Wife's phone number for emergency contact. We went out with Penni's parents for dinner at Carrabbas and then went back to their house to exchange gifts. We finally got home and I worked on more Java Eclipse tutorials.

Dec 26 Friday

I woke up early to cover the Sysadmin's PTO. It was a bad Translation Day. Operations failed to generate the print image files for 2 days. They finished them around 8am and translations finished about 5 hours late. I fixed another bug in the Web automation tool that the power-user found. She said the tool is really fast and she is liking it. Whew! I skipped lunch and worked an hour late to finished the Electronic Billing. I went home, showered, napped and worked on Java stuff all night.

Dec 25 Thursday - Xmas

I woke up late and loaded the car with gifts and drove to Statesville for my moms families side of Xmas. My sister and her boyfriend brought their new puppy. It bit my Aunt, threw up and peed in the floor (Wooo!) The slippers I bought my mom were one size too small. I think my dad liked his stuff. We drove back and then finally dropped off Penni's parents dog at their house. I finally got home, relaxed and watch the new ATHF DVD and played kBounce.

Dec 24 Wednesday - Xmas Eve

My coworker was out again. The Air Conditioning failed this morning and I emailed my contact at lincoln harris about it, asking why she did not reply to my questions about the network closet temperature alarm system and a maintenance schedule. I had Subway for lunch with The Sysadmin. I fixed a bug in the medicaid web tool that my power user buddy found. I bought taco mix for dinner and then took a nap. My mom called and woke me up and asked me to go out and buy some canned rolls for dinner at parents in Statesville tomorrow. Penni's parents dog chewed through it's gate. Penni got home and we showered and opened gifts. We ate tacos and watched new ATHF DVD and all was well.

Dec 23 Tuesday

My coworker called in sick. I showed the Medicaid Web Automation Tool to my Corp Billing power user buddy for testing. She liked it. All my bosses departments had there Xmas party. I got lunch at Show mars with Miss A. I snacked on some left over party cookies after lunch, went home and vomited (Bad Cookies or Bad Greek salad) I napped/sweated on the couch. I woke up and showered and felt better. I wrapped gifts and crashed.

Dec 22 Monday
I took the day off to finish my Xmas shopping. I woke up and stepped in dog poop first thing in the morning. We will never babysit Penni's parents dog again. I showered and got Bojangles for breakfast. I bought dad and Penni's gift and then got Wendy's for lunch. I went to the comic book store. Everyone there lit up when i asked about the BONE series. The AKEA table that my sister order for us arrive with damaged parts. Great. Scott was late for practice, I called him and he said he forgot today was a practice day. I got home and read the volume 6 of the BONE series in the tub.

Dec 21 Sunday

I crashed at 4am and slept late. Penni and I went to Izzy's for Breakfast and then out for groceries. I submitted a question on the Eclipse new users mailing list about editing the colors of the automatically hi-lighted "matching Variables". I edited the colors and got theme pretty close to the tango oblivion then while ATHF DVD played. I went to the practice space and recorded the drums for Full Circle Part three of four.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal

Saturday, Dec 20

I woke up late and had coffee on the couch with Penni and the Dogs. I showed Penni the YouTube Yes Dance video. It is pretty awesome, "Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal" indeed. My Sister called and asked for Xmas gift Ideas, I emailed her a few. The old drummer from Rita's gift called and asked about buying my old rack gear. He said he liked our new stuff and that we remind him of KING CRIMSON. (Awesome!) I worked on the first two chapter of the Java textbook and settings the eclipse text editor. There is no easy themes to import, It's dozens of setting in two different areas. It is barely better that hand editing a config file. I worked on this stuff all day while Penni napped and the ATHF DVDs played.

Friday, Dec 19

My left leg was OK when I woke up. (whew!) I ate lunch at Miguel's. I emailed my power user buddy about testing the Medicaid Web Automation Tool and researched the rebuild on the QA database. I played around with the Create Data page wizard in Access. Users without MS Access can query SQL data with it. I wish I knew more about the Microsoft Script Editor and Javascript so I can rebuild it without the Users needing Office Professional. Oh well, Maybe later. The textbook for the online Java class was at the door when I got home after work. Later that night, Chuck and I saw Neil's new band transmission fields at the Evening Muse. It was good to see him. After the show Neil asked about job at CHS and talked about going back to school. That is great. I emailed him some job stuff as soon as I got home.

Thursday, Dec 18

It was rainy and cold outside. Penni's parent's dog was whining all morning and woke me up. I woke up with my leg still hurting. My friend's kid was caught throwing rocks at passing cars in front of his own house. Holy crap! I am glad I have NO CHILDREN!. I left early from work to get my new tag for the creepy old van my dad got me for gigs. There was no line at the DMV. I went to practice and the band next door was playing so we accomplished very little recording and mixing. After practice Penni and I assembled the Akia TV stand at midnight.

Wednesday, Dec 17

I sat up the PA and projector for the silly Xmas break room luncheon party games. I found out that one of the AHEC guys plays drums too. For some reason the ladies I eat lunch with were talking about the inability to pooh at work, great lunchtime discussion. My left leg started hurting like i strained it, but I could not remember doing anything to it. I must be hella out of shape. I received our delivery of Akia Xmas gifts then when to practice. I recorded the acoustic drum parts for part 2 of 4 in the long pretentious full circle song. Later Chuck called and invited me to go see Neil's new band.

Tuesday, Dec 16

I woke up early and bought paper plates for a dept party at work. I made a mail merge batch for management Xmas cards and geocoded a map of employee addresses. I ate Nikos in the break room with the usual crew and added the contact support and the instructions links in the Medicaid Web automation tool. Later I watch a video about java puzzles on YouTube. It was interesting but super nerdy. Penni and I ordered a pizza. I looked at the google reader editors picks. I found a neat company called Curious Inventor that created a box that lets a PS2 controller control midi devices. SWEET!!!

Monday, Dec 15

I Woke up early and microwaved some veggie sausage. It is actually not to bad. I worked on the Facility Month End Reports all day and ate lunch at Show-mars with Miss A. I came home, downloaded a few Java eBooks and went to practice to worked on the electronic drum part for part 2 of 4 in Full Circle.

Sunday, Dec 14

I Woke up late. Penni and I ate breakfast at Izzy's and got groceries. Penni napped with the dogs on the couch while i worked on web stuff. I ate Peanut Butter Crackers and coffee. I went to practice and read a little of a downloaded java in a nutshell chm file while listening to mixes of the damn song that we have been working on for a month.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Java eclipse video tutorials, women talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars

Saturday Dec 13

I woke up at 11am and fixed my eclipse scrapbook error issue and posted the solution on the Ubuntu forums. I worked on Java eclipse video tutorials while Penni cleaned. The tutorials are really good, the guy (Mark Dexter) reminds me of Chess Griffin from the Linux Reality podcast. Penni's parents came over to see the tile floors and drop off their dog for us to babysit. We all went to Harper's. Penni told us a heart destroying story at dinner about a lady with Alzheimer whose son has cancer . She is sad and does not remember why...( sweet dreams kids!) We returned to find their dog pooped on our stairs. The dogs and Penni settled on the couch and I worked on video Java tutorials.

Friday Dec 12

I worked on IE scripting and writing error catching functions most the day. I ate lunch with the usual break room crew. Penni and I ordered a pizza, ate and then napped for a few hours. I woke up at 9pm, fixed some coffee and worked on eclipse / java video tutorials. A weird issue popped up with the java version and the eclipse Immediate-Window-thingy called "Scrapbook". I worked on the Scrapbook issue while Clone wars and the usual AdultSwim stuff was on. I crashed around 4am.

Thursday Dec 11

I met with a manager to discuss changes that he needs made to a database. He wants needs 40+ more fields added to the the import file. This is going to totally rape my table structure. (Wee!) I ate lunch with the crew in the break room. From some reason all the women at the table were talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars. I bought Penni some wine, a movie and pasta. I took a quick napped before practice, then drove down and worked on the clipping mix down track issue. The cover bands next door were extra terrible and annoying!

Wednesday Dec 10

My boss was sick, locked inside his office all day. It was warm/rainy outside and hot inside the building. It was torture. I borrowed my friend's desk fan. I ate at Miguel s with the my coworkers. I worked on IE scripting most of the day. The Java teacher replied and said we are going to use the IDE eclipse instead of NetBeans. I went to practice and recorded drums for part one of the four part Full Circle song. I checked my email and a some lady at Sun fixed the bug I found on the NetBeans wiki. Go Team.

Tuesday Dec 9

A manager skipped on a meeting about a project I was working on for his department. I ate lunch at showmars with miss A and worked on IE scripting. After work Penni and I went to the mall. I was stuck in Anne Taylor loft while Penni tried on pants. She bought about $150 worth of stuff and then we got dinner at Harper's . The Waitress jumped around the corner and scared Penni to death in the booth. everyone in the restaurant was talking about the auto bail out news. (How do you make a kid run a successful lemonade stand?) We finally got home and I ordered some blue jeans online. I emailed the Java teacher and asked him about using Linux for the class, I checked out the NetBeans IDE for Java and found a typo on their wiki. I logged in on the wiki but i could not change it. I found a email address for the web team and send it to them.

Monday Dec 8

I worked on debugging the weird table lock error that the telecommuters found in the small claims database. It caused by Citrix user profile getting stuck while the user tried to log out. I ate a Nikkos Greek Salad for lunch with the usual break room crew. I bought drumsticks ice cream for Penni and when to practice. We finished the recording for "tonight comma you" and started working on setting the click tempo for "Coming Full Circle" Penni cooked chicken nuggets for me. Awww...

Sunday Dec 7

I woke up late and took the last C++ test. I made a 99/105. I Watched a lot of new Simpson's and family guys on I went to practice and we added reverb on the quiet drums and intro keys weird drum sounds. I got home and finished the Bone volume 5 book.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sick on my Birthday, NetBeans, LoveColt, Bone Comics and ProTools bass octave tracks

Saturday Dec 6th

I woke up late and ate Breakfast at Izzy's. Penni and I took her old Xmas tree back to her parents house. I texted Traci and asked her what she wanted for Xmas. Penni cleaned and put a new smaller tree up. I picked up Qdobas for Penni.

Friday Dec 5th

I ate lunch with the whole department at Miguel's and worked on getting the IE scripting stuff to work with a weird combo box on the Medicaid web site. I came home, did the dishes, then emailed Traci and asked her what she wanted for Xmas. I emailed the Netbeans web support guys about a typo on their wiki. I tried a NetBeans GTK tutorials. It kinda sucked. I read the first set of Bone Books. So far they are good but not great.

Thursday Dec 4th

I covered the SysAdmin desk while he was at the dentist. I ate a salad at Showmars with Miss A. I rented Penni the new X files movie from Redbox. I took my cheap PC speakers to the practice space and we worked on mixing down Tonight Comma You all night. We Used the pro tools pitch shifter to make a super smooth bass octave track. Scott said that our friend David Stein is changing the name of his band from David Stein and The Ravens to "LoveColt". (???).

Wednesday Dec 3th

Last day off. I woke up at noon and mailed the van title to Dad. I got breakfast at Bojangles and bought 50 bucks worth of Bone comics. I went to practice and worked on mixing down the first song, previewing the mix on my Linux laptop on my car's stereo. I ordered a hard to find candle for Penni.

Tuesday Dec 2nd

Second day off. I watched the Wall-E movie. I bought stamps and envelopes for mailing the van title to Dad for a notary stamp. I feel kinda sick all day and so I bought a salad. I ate dinner with Penni's parents at Carrabas I was still coughing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes. After dinner Penni sat up a profile and started using She wanted to find a better class of twitter people. :) I discovered and watched a few new Simpsons episodes.

Monday Dec 1st

First day off. I watched the Kung Fu Panda movie during breakfast. I called my insurance office and put coverage on the van. I was still sick and napped all day. I went to practice, Scott finished recording all his guitar track during the thanksgiving/birthday break. We worked on recording the electronic parts and and stayed to midnight. Penni was pretty mad, but we made up later.

Sunday Nov 30th

Happy birthday to me! I slept late and bought more Xmas gifts online. Penni bought me a drawing pad (???) and a my laptop 3 months ago. I still feel sick and bought orange juice and two redbox movies while Penni napped. Later that night chuck took me and Penni out for Sushi.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tempo changing click tracks, being sick through Thanksgiving, a rusty work van and 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people

Saturday Nov 29

We woke up early, dropped the dog off at Penni's parents house, and drove to Statesville to meet up with the family and eat dinner at my aunt's house in Tayorsville. Traci brought her new French bulldog puppy. I never thought Traci would be one of those 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people. Pff! My dad's signed his old rusty work van over to me and I drove it back to Charlotte in the nasty fog and rain.

Friday Nov 28

It was the day after thanksgiving, and I was still a little sick, but it was dead quiet in the office and it was great. I finished the edits for the extra fields in the small claims mail merge database and ate lunch with the SysAdmin and Miss A at Showmars. I got home and worked on finishing up the last C++ homework. I watched and critiqued a few new SpongeBob episodes on the couch with my Wife. Life is great.

Thursday Nov 27

Thxgvn day. I woke up sick with a fever, chills and snot all day. I went to Penni's parents for lunch and fixed her dad's samba printer, he reinstalled windows and changed his PC name thus changing the samba path. I got home and napped. I tried to crash at 7pm but laid awake thinking about rebuilding the QA database (maybe as a web application?) I got up and worked on my C++ homework a little while watching a few new chowder episodes.

Wednesday Nov 26

I worked on changing the legal mail merge sql table to match new fields. When you change table column names the table views do not update. it is a very sucky bug(or "Windows Feature"!) Penni visited the office and ate lunch with me and the usual crew at Arby's. I started developing a sore throat. I went to the practice space early and recorded drums. Scott and I argued about working with quarter and sixteenth note click tracks and tempo changes for an hour. fun fun fun.

Tuesday Nov 25

I.S. magically uninstalled winzip on all CHS PCs and i had submit OSR to keep the wheels from flying off the info-wagon. I worked on legal mail merge and submitted a weeks worth of telecommuter mileage on a reimbursement form. I bought groceries in the busy holiday crowd. I started working my c++ homework's sorting logic.

Monday Nov 24

I was sent on a last minute 8am telecommuter deployment. I'm not exactly sure how this happened, I guess it was a lack on communication between teams. I worked with the manager of Cash Posting and proposed using a outlook public folder to fix the CBO/SBO ledger issue. I had a department Thanksgiving lunch I remoted into CRMC to help with a SSI installation. I went to the space and we finally resolved the drum mic noise issue. I came home and googled replacement laptop screens.

Sunday Nov 23

I took the second C++ test and made an 85. I started working on my last homework, sorting arrays in functions. I went to the practice space and started test recording drums. We found a line noise issue and worked on fixing it for the rest of the night. I got home and watched a new moral Orel, super jail and Drinky crow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anjuta, Buck Nelson, A board with eight preamps and Tiny three dollar fish tacos

Saturday Nov 22

Penni and I slept until Noon. I got the oil changed in my car and picked up a replacement turn signal bulb. We ate Breakfast/lunch at Izzy's and then went to Rite aid for the weird hand lotion that Penni is addicted to. I finished and submitted C++ home work. Chuck called. We hung out for a while at his place while he finished Gears Of War and then when to vis-art, target and the sushi restaurant by his house. Chuck's boss said he would hold he position while he is in japan, awesome. I got back home around 10pm and ordered Penni some more Xmas stuff while Naruto was on.
Friday Nov 21

I started working on the changes to the small claims database with the nine extra columns. I ate lunch at Macs speed shop on south blvd with my boss and the guys from my department. Three bucks for a tiny fish taco? It was not great. I went to a telecommuter site for pictures then came home and got Chinese for Penni . I had peanut butter crackers. I started next weeks c++ homework and argued with Penni about what I did with are the cough drops, all was well before bed time.
Thursday Nov 20
I went to two telecommuter visits with the manager of correspondence and to a early lunch with Kursty. I went to the retirement home and met Penni's old people then to guitar center with Scott. we bought a 300 dollar mixing board with eight pre-amps to boost the mics. It worked great, finally something is working.

Wednesday Nov 19

I felt greasy all day for some reason. I fixed some more issues with the RACF teams laptops. I worked on IE scripting and used a long if else chain for the "what-to-do-with-this-row" part. I should have used if-elses here a long time ago. I had lunch Arby's with the usual crew. I picked up a FedEx gift for Penni and worked on the low mic input issues at the practice space.

Tuesday Nov 18

It is finally cold, Penni's scarf is coming in pretty handy. I got pizza, napped, and googled Linux c++ IDEs. I am really digging Anjuta. You can customize background, fold line, compile with F9 and uses a gnome terminal tab. I emailed Scott a funny YouTube video "unveiling the mysteries of rock drumming with Buck Nelson".

Monday Nov 17

I ate lunch at subway with the usual crew. I made a joke about a guy's hertz jacket and "Kursty's face hurts". I took a nap after work and then went to practiced to work on recording stuff. It was 11pm and I was ready to leave when Scott made some crack about "Run Home Brian". It pissed me off, I was ready to shoot one of those personally-brutal-band-destroying shots back at him, but i resisted. I returned RedBox movie on the way home.

Sunday Nov 16

I worked on C++ homework for 4 hours upstairs and then bought Penni's mom some earrings on eBay. I returned my sisters tech support call. I ate some rich food and was running back and forth to the bathroom at home and at the practice space. Sweet. It really screwed up practice. I watched new SouthPark and the new robot chicken star wars. I am thinking about buying a Jungle disk account for Penni's dad for Xmas.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thirteen million to Medicaid, Davey Allstar, and more ProTools Hell

Nov 15 Sat

I woke up early and started working on C++ homework. Penni woke up all sweaty from a bad Dream. We went to Izzy's for breakfast. Penni took a nap when we got back and I worked on C++ for another 5 hours. The Classes with function calls concept is kicking my ass. Watched Naruto, Superman Doomsday and Bleach.

Nov 14 Fri

I covered for the SysAdmin while be fixed my boss's boss's boss's boss's wireless router. My coworker covered my telecommuter visit while i was babysitting the billing process. I ate lunch with the usual crew at Miguel's. One of my coworkers called it in. I did not know you could do that. I used one hour of flex time and picked up my package of adapters and cables for recording from the UPS office. I took the package to the practice space and found that four adapters were missing from the box. I called MusiciansFriend and they are shipping new ones.

Nov 13 Thur

I had to cover the SysAdmin while he was at the dentist. There was a billing issue and i had to submit around thirteen million to Medicaid in two thousand claim chucks. My Boss bought me a salad from showmars and I ate lunch at my desk. I had to stay to 5pm to finish. Saw David Stein, Danny, Davey Allstar and Ryan at The Money. I took some video. Davey gets so into the songs. He is lovable and a freaking monster.

Nov 12 Wed

I ate lunch at Salsaritas with the SysAdmin and Kursty. The SysAdmin broke his tooth on a tortilla chip. I wrote a function that checks for loaded elements on an asp site. It is still buggy, IE scripting is such a pain. I have been working for a week on digesting some Wrox sample code. I have decided to take the coward's way out and just plug in some variables and run with it. I'm sure i will be revisiting the horrible world of Passing-IE-Objects all too soon. I went to practice and worked on the protool-xlr-plugs-too-hot input issue to 11pm. After practice I went to bed with my stomach growling all night.
Nov 11 Tue

Fixed a managers pst file. I ate lunch at showmars with crew. After lunch we saw a giant pile of vomit in the parking lot. Sweet. Went to a telecommute visit. Then ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with Penni and then went to the grocery store. My wife said I need to lose weight after dinner. I Discovered bleep labs and emailed Penni some xmas gift Ideas.

Nov 10 Mon

I ate lunch at ShowMars with crew. I brought my old 22" monitor to the practice space. We argued for an hour about song writing software. I ordered cables and adapters for the recording drums with pro tools rig.

Nov 9th Sun

Setup the pro tools rig in the practice space. My old drummer Ryan looked me up on MySpace. He has 3 kids now. Ryans all grown up.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tommi's going away party, Obama wins, Pro Tool driver hell, Lisa Germano, and the correct DDR3 RAM

Nov 8 Sat

Woke up at 10am. Submitted my C++ Homework. Relaxed. Cooked Spaghetti for Penni and Zucchini and baked chips for myself. Googled some info about micing drum sets. Watched a new Naruto movie.

Nov 7 Fri

I Fixed my boss's boss's boss's PST files. The real issue was her personal drive mapped to a server that had very little available space. I got Niko's and ate with the crew in the break room. I scheduled a lot of telecommuter site visits, updated a four month out of date claim volume report graph thingy, and worked on the web entry automation. I got home, watched the new Moral Orel and worked on C++ homework all night to 4am.

The new IE.document.all("box").value code runs about 10 times faster than my old "SendKeys" method. I feel like I am taking one step back and am running forward now. The process runs with excel and is Citrix friendly. My coworkers will be able to change a few lines on the excel file and use my code for their projects. When I get the wait-for-application to update function debugged it will be freaking sweet.

' top of the page html source code
f unction do Add() {
var bSelected = false;
var yourface = '';
var vData = null;
document. frmView.op.value = 'ADD';
document.frmView.action = 'foo.asp';
document. frmView.submit();

'bottom of the page
>td><>input name="btnAdd" value="Add' onclick=" type="button"> < 'works with IE.document.all("tehbutton").click IE.document. all("tehtextbauks").Value = "hello">>

Nov 6 Thu

I got the new write-to-asp page code working. Woo. I ate lunch at Subway with the usual lunch crew. I picked up some hilarious Lady-Medicine for Penni. Scott's new power supply and DDR3 RAM arrived. Scott came over and we ordered a pizza and worked on loading Pro Tool 7.4 on it until one a.m. I hate installing window drivers. I thought Linux was extra work, but man, visiting the world of windows hardware driver makes me miss repositories and DEB packages.

Nov 5 Wed

My coworker said he cried at Obama's acceptance speech. Awww! I submitted my 1st VBA forum question and answered a question while I was logged in. I had lunch with the usual crew at Salsaritas. I helped with an audit nurse's new laptop . I have been listening to Lisa Germano for the last two days, it's Great depressing stuff. I went to practice and spilled my coffee in the parking lot, argh. We bought a Tupperware bin at Wal-mart to organize some of the small junk at the Practice space, I brought old 13" marching snare home, listening to Skinny Puppy. "The Greater Wrong of the Right" is a freaking masterpiece.

Nov 4 Tue

I had lunch with the crew at Show-mars. There was a lots of boring Obama ranting. I went to a telecommuter site visit and got lost on backroads on the way back. I lost about 10 adrenaline filled minutes, it was no big deal. I went to a book store, looking for a I.E. scripting VBA book. Penni and I ate at Cabo Fish Taco. NBC election coverage was on the TV at the restaurant. The Graphics kept flashing from Blue-on-top to Red-on-top, like it was an exciting neck and neck race, it was pretty cheesy. Penni bought some underwear at target and then we drove home. I worked on GIMPing a photo of a spider eating a cat. We watched the daily show election coverage, Obama won, and John Stewart teared up a little. The Fox News anchors were back pedaling super hard. Our neighbors shot off a few fireworks. Yeah. The previous regime is out, Cool people are happy, Racist are practicing their long boring rants, turn turn turn...

Nov 3 Mon

I used a PTO day with Penni. I got gas for Penni and Bojangles's biscuits. Penni was hungover and had diarrhea. We both napped on the couch. My game-pad arrived. I played a Kirby ROM and when to practice to hang up more sheets. I bought dog food and cookies after practice.

Nov 2 Sun

Penni went to Tommi's going away party. Scott and I put the recording PC together. I ordered the correct DDR3 RAM and 24 pin power supply, yeah i suck. Scott offer to drive Penni's car home from the bar, great guy. We ordered a pizza and waited for Penni to call for a ride. We picked up Penni, She was pretty inebriated. She tried to sleep on the stairs and in the floor, she is adore-able.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My left shoulder, linux firewire support, external hard drive mounting and your face

Sat Nov 01

We woke up at noon and went to the Verizon store again. Penni and i counted the number of times this annoying valley-girl-wanna-be said the word "like". We counted 15 times in less that a minute. We got groceries and a sling for my left arm. I will probably see a doctor for it Monday. I picked up my external case from Penni's parents house. I tested my new firewire card with external drive and had issue getting write rights with firewire and usb. Sadly, that functionality as been flaky for years. Improvements in the Linux kernel and the HAL application helped a lot with flash drives but external drives are still a little sucky. I even tried some terminal stuff. The whole thing is a little depressing. I bid on a ring for Penni. I watched a Halloween edition of Iron Chef were they are cooking organ meat (brains, pigs feet, kidneys, duck tongues, duck testicles, rooster combs, livers, pig blood, etc..) Awesome.

Fri Oct 31

I covered the sysadmin and the STAR file were late so the translations were late again. I ate way too much Candy, plus lunch with Kursty. I have been bummed out for two days. I listened to a little of Jono Bacon's metal album, I love the guy, and it is great that I took a walk with my boss and talked objectively about the election. I rolled out an additional function to the Quality Assurance Database, adding the receivables workstation scrape to the automation. I played with a few ROMs/ZSNES Emulator and was inspired to order a Linux friend game pad.

Thu Oct 30

I covered the sysadmin the STAR file were late so the translations were late. I skipped paper billing and ate lunch at my desk to make up time. I felt bad all day so i listed to a lot of Portishead. The 'Third' album is really really good. I went to practice and helped Scott hang sound dampening stuff on the walls.

Wed Oct 29

I took some flex time for breakfast-comicbook-store-lunch break. I heard on a podcast that the Linux Action Show is killing their podcast and doing a YouTube version instead. Bummer. There was a FedEx tag on the door when i got home. I drove to the Pineville FedEx and picked up the package. It was Penni's replacement phone. Scott was stuck at sister's house so we called off practice.

Tue Oct 28

My boss requested an additional index to the priorities database. ( SubPriorityNumber? SubIndexNumber? IndexSubPriority?) I Went to Penni's parents house to help her dad with a crashed XP installation. I showed him how to use his Linux laptop and a external hard drive case to backup all of the files off a crashed drive. Penni came with me to hang out, work on her knitting, and watched Freddy vs Jason with her mom. They fixed tacos for us.

Mon Oct 27

My coworker was out with PTO so i covered the support calls for the floor and the STAR balancing I had terrible stomach issue that afternoon but it leveled off around 2pm enough to take a walk. I added lot of bill code to the ncmedicaid site automation. I stayed a little late to help the new RACF employees with their new laptops. I bought pads, cookies and cranberry juice for Penni after work. I took a quick naps as soon as i got home and felt a little better afterwards. Scott visited with his old PC case and we picked out and bought the parts to upgrade to a pro tool running machine. we bought a multichannel sound card and pro tool 7. Penni gave Scott a scarf that she knitted.

Sun Oct 26

Penni and I woke up early and got breakfast at Izzy's. We took Penni's phone in to Verizon for screen repair and they order a replacement. We bought and changed out mattress allergy cover. I submitted c++ homework. My left shoulder hurts. Went to Practice and worked on a new 'legal' song intro . Yup. it's another Rita's Gift song with an intro to an intro. I called Penni on the way home and she made baked corn chips and zucchini salsa for me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A backwards "B", DDE, Tallahassee, knitting, and how the Cartoon Network is going to viciously rape Batman

Sat, Oct 25

I slept late and research Linux friendly firewire soundcards. Penni and I went to the Morrison library and voted early. I ordered a pcmcia firewire card. Watched Batman vs Dracula. It was terrible. I believe Cartoon Network is going to viciously rape Batman with the new animated series. Penni worked on her knitting all night and finished 2 scarfs. We both crashed at 3am.

Fri, Oct 24

I worked on the Medicaid data automation project and had lunch with my boss and the SysAdmin at Salsaritas. There was a story on TV there about a woman who claimed she was attacked and had a "B" carved on her face because she was had a McCain sticker on her vehicle. The "B" was backwards and her blackeye looked really fake. I Rolled out the DDE function in the Quality Assurance Database late in the evening. it took longer than I though and i had to stay a little late. I got a 100 on my C++ homework. When to Frankie's with Penni. She was mad about CHS's prescription drug plan and it seemed like half the people at Frankie had CHS parking stickers or shirts. funny stuff. we bought more yard for penni to make a scarf for her mom, her sister and my friend Scott. we got home and passed out on the couch while penni knitted. We are so punk rock.

Thu, Oct 23

Ate lunch in break room with the regular crew. I Met with my boss to discuss projects and priorities. There is a new database for correspondence on the horizon. Whee. I emailed Scott pro-tools info. I showed one of the QA power users the DDE stuff. It was Cold and rainy all day. There was no practice. Ordered pizza and worked on C++ homework.

Wed, Oct 22

I wrote code to parse out acct numbers, names, dates, and totals from STAR With MS Access DDE function. Took a walk during my break. I bought milk of magnesia and burned a copy of The Mountain Goats, Tallahassee CD for Penni. I went to practiced and ran trough the set. Penni called crying, a giant bug scared her in the downstairs bathroom. Awww.

Tue, Oct 21

Finally figured out how to copy star terminal text to access with VBA and MS Acess DDE function. I owe a thanks to the cool guy from IS that sent me a copy of his dotNet code for googling. I got groceries, cooked up chips and zucchini salsa and watched the Indiana Jone crystal skull movie it was terrible, just like the creators from SouthPark said.
Mon, Oct 20

My coworkers through my boss an omelet breakfast for bosses day. The cool guy in IS who developed the startransfer program application emailed me some of his source code. Sweet. I went to the practice space early and ran trough the set before Scott arrived. we put up more sheets for Scott's rehearsal video idea.

Friday, October 24, 2008

HowTo pull Data from STAR Navigator with MS Access and VBA

MsgBox DDERequest(DDEInitiate("HBOWEM", "PCInfo") & "You are a Tranny."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ritas Gift at Charlotte's Underground, Blowing Breakers for fives of dollars!

Fri Oct 17

A busy day. I worked on more parsing, added line charges from the UB04, got a CHS values and action award for helping the QA dept with their access database, changed clothes and went straight to the space. Scott bought another Guitar amp. This time it is a 400 watt hybrid Randall. (Godspeed young man, Godspeed.) We quickly ran through the set, loaded the gear up in the cold rain, went to the gig, sat up and blew the breaker for the left side of the stage 30 seconds into the first song. Woo! We got the power back on and the rest of the set went well. Penni brought 5 coworkers to see us. She is great. We stayed to listen to the rest of the bands, unloaded at the space and all went to Skyland at 3am. We had to drop off our friend Kirby in Mathews and i was dead pass out tired on the way back to the house. Penni said i was talking crazy She said she asked me math problems like what is 10 times 4, I would answer wrong, She would laugh and then i would woke up a little and answer it correctly and then start talking crazy again. Experimenting with delirious people is hilarious. We got home and finally crashed at 5am.

No Children by The Mountain Goats

No Children by The Mountain Goats
Thurs Oct 16

Day of Guitar Hero / PA system nightmare. I picked up PA and installed the software on a laptop with a invalid video card. (it finally worked on a desktop with an extra gig of borrowed ram.) I sat up the projector and PA for the event up and had to take picture of all the corny shenanigans too. Got 80 and 100 of my C++ labs. Scott bought another 8x10 cabinet and a used 300 dollar Marshall head that blew 4 hrs later. He also broke off half a molar. He is having a great week.

Weds Oct 15

I ate lunch with the crew at Showmars and called a best buy for guitar hero availability and prices for a silly patient accounting week event. Scott and I bought black sheets and tired blue lites for practice space video idea and put up more black rugs

Tues Oct 14

I went on a 7 hour telecommuter deployment. every thing that cold go wrong did, the Tech from IS handled it really well. the power died in the middle of a juniper firmware upgrade. it killed the device and mysteriously kill the DSL modem too. I picked up the movie the happening for Penni and a few groceries on the way home. We ordered pizza and both took a napped really really long nap That kept me awake to 4am.

Mon Oct 13

I was bummed all day, the "No children song" was stuck in my head and it destroyed me all day. I changed delimiting in ub04 medicaid site and the development is going a lot faster. At practice, Scott's bass tone was weird and his 7 year old Marshall head blew up. He was very emotion about it. we hanged black rubber rugs that we found in the space to kill side of the reverb in the practice room.

Sun Oct 12

Ate Nikos got groceries Penni had a urinary track infection and went to the doctor while i was at practice The room was damp from our wet gear worked on c++ to 2am.

Sat Oct 11

woke up early sore from the gig. worked on c++ homework sent Scott the gig pictures watched an amazing moral with a song called "No Children" by The Mountain Goats. I googled them and found a free song called "Thanks you Mario but our princess is in another castle" and a free EP.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Played the Piedmont Interstate Fair

Friday 10th

I ate Nikos work crew and took 4 hours to go to a gig at a fair in Spartanburg south Carolina. Got to the practice space at noon and changed clothes. We loaded up, drove down, unloaded, had to set up asap, play asap and get off the stage asap. As soon as the my drums were off stage it started raining. Nice! We sold a T-shirt and gave out a lot of CDs and stickers. We got home early and I unloaded my case to make sure my stuff was dry. I was dead tired.

The Melvins, Ub04 String parsing, the first C++ test and Knitting

Thursday Oct 9th

I ate at salsarita's with the work crew, worked on more ub04 string parsing (argghh!!), and went straight to practice after work and played for 3 hours before Scott showed up. Scott is still sick but practiced anyway sans movement/loud-vocals. I was dead tired after practice and could barely walk up the stairs.

Wednesday Oct 8

I moved desks at work and worked on better ub04 record delimiting.I met Penni at the bank to open a ncsecu account for her. Scott called off practice because he was sick. I watched new Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, surprisingly it was not terrible. I'm sure hardcore Star Wars nerds hate it though. I submitted Dale Crover for drummer of the week on

Tuesday Oct 7

I picked up chinese for penni. She is learning to knit. (Random huh?) I submitted my C++ lab5 and watched presidental debates, then I worked on lab6 all night. so far lab6 is kinda painful. I crashed at midnight

Monday Oct 6

I worked all day on parsing UB04 fields. I am soo sick of string manipulation! I ate Nikos with work crew and took a walk break. I bought another Melvins album from called "A Senile Animal" it is pretty good, but no "Stoner-Witch". Later I went to Practice and talked to a cool band at the space called Gellico. crashed at midnight.

Sunday Oct 5

I slept late again and took my first C++ test. I did well. I ate a lot of cookies and later went to practice worked on a "random hits" end part of the new "legal dept" song (5, 2, 5, 1, 5, and and, 8, 5!!! end.) I bought coffee cookies and milk on way home from practice for Penni.

Saturday Oct 4

I slept super late, reinstall Ubuntu on pennis laptop and ate baked corn chips and zucchini salsa. I watched new a SuperJail episode (brutal), and studied for my c++ test.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Entering Data on a website with VBA and another 8x10" bass cabinet

Friday Oct 02

My Friend at work had a great rip about some one's toothbrush trying to kill itself because of their breath... Pure Genius! Penni home sick with pink eye. met with boss and corp billing super user about Sendkeys scripting on Medicaid site ate lunch alone returned mini mixer. I baked corn chips and made zucchini salsa for dinner.

Thursday Oct 01

Went to a early telecommuter visit with the telecommuter's manager at 8am. Learned how to enter data on a website from excel with VBA via the Sendkeys function. Rented a scary movie for Penni "The Morgue", she love it. Apparently all the characters in the movie were all ready dead, wow... Went to practice. There bad weird noises from new splitter box.

Wednesday Sept 30

Got lunch with Miss A and got groceries for Penni on the way home from work. I bought a little mixer fixed Scott's guitar level issue. I finished the first and last Guar name addition to the legal database. I used my inhaler a lot and it made me very very shaky. I submitted my c++ lab04 homework after

Monday Sept 28

Big Star1312 upgrade. Chaos all day. Refilled on Albuterol Inhaler (NERD!). When with Scott to buy another used 8x10" bass cabinet. I found gas, then picked up Penni's car and got gas for her.

Sunday Sept 27

Breakfast with Penni's parents, coughed a lot. Penni napped all evening. All Gas stations in the area are still out still of gas. Went to practice and argued a lot with Scott about out of state gigs and coughed a lot going home.I crashed at 1am.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got a new thinkpad and was sick all week

09/27 Saturday

Penni had to work. I slept late and copy my music library to my new Thinkpad. I did a little C++ stuff out of the book I orders.

09/26 Friday

Raining all day, Still No-Gas/long-long-gas-lines. Penni and I watched the First Presidential debate. I cracked the Compiz-fusion all the way up on my new laptop, it was sweeet.

09/25 Thursday

Scott's power was cut off due to none payment. No practice. Rainy.

09/24 Wednesday

I remoted into CRMC to finish last CCSM install. Scott called off practice with a sore throat. There was a Big loaning company bail out in the news. There were gas outage everywhere. Wooo! My foot Casaba arrived in the mail.

09/23 Tuesday

very very sick. I called sick to work and slept to 11am, then napped on the couch all evening. Installed Ubuntu on G41. The build in wireless worked great. Penni brought home a pizza. Watched family guy and the office crashed at 11pm

09/22 Monday

I covered afternoon billing for the SysAdmin . My new g41 Thinkpad arrived. I started feeling sick, coughing, headaches, fever, (Wooo) so practice was cut short. I took some medicine and went to bed really early. I woke up regularly Coughing.

9/21 Sunday

Scott texted me and canceled practice.

9/20 Saturday

I slept late and did not go to the Atlanta Linux fest. Penni and I ate breakfast at Izzy's got groceries ate zucchini cheese and chips emailed teacher about system pause issue with Linux

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A gig at New Brookland Tavern, a monstrous 8x10 cabinet and Monarch models for weird confirmation

Friday 09/19

Covered Dana, I secured emailed some star balancing to a outside auditor. My 20" PST5 crash/ride was delivered. Got a shower and went to the gig at the New Brookland Tavern. We met Aim Low there. They were really cool and took pictures for us. The new 20" Crash/Ride The band after us Atonementz with a Z were really good.

Thursday 09/18

Woke up early and Covered Dana. I make a monarch model to catch and some weird confirmation and dropped then in a database for my boss. Practiced and tore down for the show Friday.

Tuesday 09/16

Day off got Rejected totals from hospital commercial payers. Walked for 15 talked about The RZA Bobby Digital project with Nikki. I ate at carrabas with Penni and then order a 20" paiste PST5 ride/crash cymbal.

Monday 09/15

Emailed marriage Certificate. Printed out a legal form for fair gig. Walked a lap during lunch. Did a GotoMeeting webinar to install a CRMC desktop. Sent out the month end reports. Bought 18" Remo pinstripe floor tom head. Emailed Scott information on Galaxy personal monitors. Went practice Scott called late from the music store were he bought a monstrous 8x10 cabinet for 1000 bucks. We worked on running keys and electronic through it.

Sunday 09/14

Got new fridge installed Ate too much pizza. Went to practice worked on a sound check version of growler song Scott had a funny story about a date with girl who thought 7x7=45 and did not know what the word 'epic' meant.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

chrome 18 inch tom arrived, message from Scott about 9/11 and Created a icon for the disable touch pad button

Sept 13th Saturday

Slept late. Penni tried strawberry Pocky and hated it. Created a icon for the disable touch pad button and put it on I checked my other gnome-look content and my scores seem to have gone up. Wooo. We watched shin-Chan on the laptop with Penni.

Sept 12th Friday

I ate lunch with Boss and SysAdmin at Migales. I Bought SysAdmin lunch for working in the ClickOn Balancing. I covered the Hub while he worked on it. Drove home pass long line at the Gas stations. Took a shower and then Penni and I went to buy a new refrigerator. we looked at Sears and Best Buy. we opened up a sears card and put the refrigerator and extended warranty on it. Penni found a new piano teacher and bought a piano bench. we got groceries and then went home. On the way home we saw all the gas stations were out of gas. I ate some chips and zucchini queso. crashed at 1am

Sept 11th Thursday

Walked during lunch while listening to Muse, I like them a little better now. There was a 10 gallon minimum on gas purchases at the gas station, Was able to fill up. I received a funny text message from Scott about 9/11. Q: "Why is my stomach so messed up?" A: "You probably ate an airplane packed w/ terrorists, like that building did 7 yrs ago." That is good writing. At practice we wrote an Synth Arp part for the end of the growler song. Scott wanted a cliche double bass drum riff at the end.

Sep 10th Wednesday

I changed shirts walked at lunch and ate a grilled chicken salad afterwards. my Bosses boss wants me to install the SSI CCSM emulator for CRMC. I listened to Karate stuck in traffic on the way to practice, I Though about of the old day getting Pizza at Mama Lena's with Traci, living in cheap dirty apartment with 3 roommates and being righteously lonely. Sad music was better then. Scott and I figured out how to cut off synth patchs with midi board at practice, high fives all around.

Sept 9th Tuesday

I ate showmars with Miss A and sysAdmin. There was no practice.My chrome 18 inch tom arrived, I fixed zucchini queso and chips for dinner. Penni laughed at the mighty B cartoon really hard, it was cute.I tried installing sooper looper on the laptop from source and failed. I need to hit some forums and see what I did wrong.

Sept 8th Monday

I gave Scott an electric blanket for his dying cat. I ate alone at Nikkos and walked a lap. I got way too sweaty, I am going to start packing a extra shirt for lunch walking. We worked on growler song at practice. I changed the angle of my bass drum beats. It felt a little weird. I looked at G41 thinkpads online.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Played the Charlotte Underground again, GoToMeeting, and post-apocalyptic land squid

Sept 6th

Took Penni to get her oil changed and get groceries. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I ate zucchini salsa for dinner and watched naruto with Penni. later we took a walk. Penni crashed and I watch at weird discovery channel thing of the SPORE video game and post-Apocalypse evolution. There were ton of squids; giant elephant-like squids and smart monkey-like squid, on land. nice.

Sept 5th

Tested a new CHS communication tool. GoToMeeting enables us to share screens and desktop control. Nice. After work i shower and was a ready to leave for the space when Scott's calls. he was late getting the u-haul trailer and was freaking out. i called around and found a uhail store that was open late. Scott picked me up and we got the trailer, loaded up and still made it to the gig on time. Penni brought our a friend from work to see us. The Red Letter Blue, who are awesome guys, mysteriously did not show up. We did OK. The last band was out of chaos. There was a lot of drunken frontman raps about stabbing the missing band and a song being "good-nuff-to-bent-over-and-ra pe!" (There were actually a few ladies at the gig, I hope they appreciate rape humor...) Order of Chaos gave us all the door money. They are good guys.

Sept 4th

I added more ideas to the Db and walked again for lunch. The CPCC tech desk suggested that I try the Firefox 3 Agent changer plugin. It worked and I was able to submitted lab03 with Linux. I fought with Penni about wanting to going to see David stein at tretmont in stead of sending time with her. Fun. We practiced. Scott went to see David at tretmont and I broke down by gear for home early and fought with Penni some more. fun fun fun.

Sept 3rd

I added my own projects to the db. i ate a quick lunch and walked a lap during lunch Scott did not like the ASCAP idea . I copied the gig video to a thumb drive for 4 for Scott. we practice with just a strobe light on to practice working in terrible lighting. After practice i went to the grocery store and bought Penni some dates and myself Some zucchini for a late dinner of Chips and Zucchini salsa.

Sept 2nd

I ate Nikkos. The booby trap i set for the sysadmin worked . Kursty was coughing all day. I met with james about db Penni texted me at lunch that dhe misses misses her naps. I learning today that the Repubs nominated a female Alaskan governor for Vp. wow. Perhaps the Dems should have nominate a redneck SC gun store owner. Alienating your base is very punk.

Sept 1st

Work when to and Practice. There is now a gay bar called the garden and gun club beside the practice space. Let hear it for the Charlotte hardcore scene. Ha!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

covered sysAdmin, lappy fsck error, and more C++ crap

Friday 29

Covered sysadmin chair with no issues. i ate lunch with Carlos and tzoua, picked up a sandwich for Miss A, After work I picked up groceries and worked on homework fixed the qadb filters. I changed the townhouse air filter and crashed early.

Thursday 28

Covered the system desk, the CTP report bombed at 4am due to a "/" character in the text file from star. nice. ate alone. Scotts cell phone was ringing straight to an error message. I went to the practice space and worked on my left bass drum foot for 2 hours to clean up my double bass drum licks.

Wednesday 27

Today was me and penni's 1st date 3 year anniversary. Shadowed the sysadmin again. Lunch with the Special Project crew at salsaitas bought Penni roses and qdobas. Scott canceled practice worked homework bought 1000 page C++ book for 9 dollars. yay internet.

Tuesday 26

I shadowed the sysadmin and later used flex time for coffee and Comic book run. I bought a metal door hole kit and installed the new deadbolt. later i ate cheese and crackers and fixed the Linux Lappy with a simple manual fsck (just like the error message said, duh...), I sent picture from the rock hill gig to Scott and worked on C++ labs.

Monday 25

Rainy, ate Nikkos alone. The Month End Report dropped in my lap at 2pm, finished them an 5:15pm. I showered and Picked up Penni's meds, then went to Ruby Tuesday. It was full of loud kids. My LinuxLappy had some weird fsck error. I backed it up to my external drive.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Played The Money in Rock HIll / Started C++ class

Sun 24th

Woke up early got breakfast Penni felt embarassed about drinking too much at the show. We drove to statesville for to have dinner with my parent and give my dad his birthday presents. I got him two metal lined mugs. He wants to giving me his old plumbing van to gig stuff. We got back in charlotte at 7pm. Penni drove me for a milkshake while we were waiting for Scott. Penni thanked Scott for helping me with her after the gig. Penni swore off drinking that evening.

Sat 23rd

Got a call from Scott about the show at The Money In Rock Hill around noon. The owner sold the venue Scott called the new owner and he was unsure if he wanted to have the band play from 8pm to 2am or from 8 to 11pm and have a DJ playing dance music from 11pm to 2am, (It was the latter). we played last, Included the new translation song, had to cut a few songs, and packed up asap to empty the venue before the DJ started. Penni had too much to drink and Scott was cool about it and helped me get her to the car. During the unload a taught bungee cord from my hand truck popped off and Scott was nail in the back with the metal hook. Ouch. I got Penni Home and She fixed herself some Mac and Cheese and crashed on the Couch. I carried her upstairs to bad around 3am.

Fri 22nd

Ordered a Pizza Hut Pizza online. Their Pineapple pizza is great. Reported a bug submitting C++ homework on with Linux Browser.

Thu 21st

Wrote a function to generate a list of missing employee pictures. Practiced the set. Scott was late. The cpcc homework page did not like my browser.

Wed 20th

Had lunch with miss A at subway. Fixed bug in dept project database associated with empty record sets. Walked during my break. Penni went to docs. Worked on C++ homework. I accidentally deleted a sample from the Roland 202 box in the dark. Panic.

Mon 18th

Received a praise email from my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss. yay. Kursty sprayed me up in front of a pregnant woman about not wanting/liking children. My friend took a picture of himself with Rick Flair. We Worked on a new "transition" song.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Played the Rock Shoppe in Fayetteville

Saturday 16th

Penni woke me up at 10am and then again at 11am. We got lunch at Harpers got Groceries and then Napped to 3pm. Penni, Scott and I went to the keg and Cue to get the Door money from illi-citizen from the last gig we played with them. We played pool for a while and then a lame old-guy-fight broke out at the bar and we split. Penni was a little upset and then we hit a Cat with the car on the way home. Nice. Crashed at 2am.

Friday 15th

Took 8 PTO for a gig in Fayetteville. Woke up late, 10:30am so i would be OK driving late late that night/the next morning. showered coffee picked up CD envelopes and got to the space at 2pm to break down the drum, Scott showed up late with the u-haul trailer, we loaded up and left the space at 3:30. driving down to the gig there was one lunch break, one gas break and one bathroom break in a flooded Wendy's bathroom in the middle of no where. got to the Venue around The Venue , The Rock Shoppe, Has really great murals Painted all over the walls. We played first and got a good response from the Army guys from the nearby base. The last band were army guys that were deployed in Iraq and could kill us 99 different ways. They had a song called 'busted lip' about "pulling someone in a Man Dress out of the rubble" funny stuff. Scott was arguing with a drunk woman who was good friends from Tammy Wynette and Allen Jackson and we giving us career advice. we left the venue at 2:30am. we missed a ramp on the way back and stopped at a gas station to buy a map. the Gas station clerks point us in the wrong direction, but we were able to use the map to pick up a highway in Dillon SC to get back on track and get to the practice space by 6:30am After unloading the gear, Scott looked like death. I stuck my head in the water fountain to wake up, drove home, showered and crashed at 7:30am.

Thursday 14th

United Way Parking Lot Carnival event, A full day of sweating, running drop cords, and carrying around Tables. There were wasps all over the food area so I Ran to Wal-mart to some Wasp-Spray, The lines of people were looped around the building so just grabbed a gyro from Nikko's. My new Coworker helped out a lot. My sampler volume knob failed at practice that night and had to re-adjust all my patch volume for the gig on the next day.

Monday 11th

Picked up lunch from Nikko's and wrote the Tile Guy a check for the completed work. I ate all of Penni's Cheetos before practice, she text me at from home, "WHERE R MY CHEETOS!". . We Recorded 2 rough tracks with my Linux laptop for get a click tempo and ideas for overdubs. Picked up milk and cookies for Penni after practice. While i was in the Grocery store on the phone with Penni she start doing the "I heard a noise / I think someone is in the house". Thing, scaring me to death. I had Chips salsa for dinner.

Sunday 10th

Slept late picked up Qdobas for Penni browsed home depot for lacquers. Sat up practice space after gig argued with Scott about the 28 inch clarity.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rita's Gift at The Highlander

Saturday 9th

Penni spent the night at her friend tommi's house. She got home at 8am. we spent to 11am and then went to Izzy and the grocery store. I napped for 6 hours and then watched naruto and crashed at 1am. it was a good sunday,

Friday 8th

Went to a Staffware meeting and later helped a manager with a ms live netmeeting. Ate at salsaritas with kursty. I left early, showered, took dog out and then left for load up for a gig in north agusta GA.

4:45pm I got to the practice space
5:30pm finished loadup and departed for gig
8:30pm arrived at the venue
10:30pm started set. The stage was tiny. The PA kept sorting out and feedingback but the crowd was really cool
12:00 illi-citizen started their set. They sounded really good. Steve from illicitzen took some great pictures for us.
2:00am loaded up and headed home.
4:45am had to make an emergency stop in rock hill for a bathroom break.
5:30am Arrived at the Practice space for unload.
7:00am got home Showered and crashed.

Thursday 7th

I wrote code to generate a formatted phone list from an active directory query. Penni brought home chik-fila, I practiced and then emailed percision drum's quote to Lady Luck drums for a competing quote.

Wednesday 6th

I forgot my door badge. I worked on narrowing the employee db from active dir to be useful and ate at salsaritas. I made set list and practiced the hour long non stop set.

Tuesday 5th

Sent my boss a invite to talk about an Active Directory Employee Information Project. The SSI server went down for a few minutes because IS rebooted it for a Tivoli push. I had lunch with MISS A. My Stomach was messed up after lunch at showmars, heart burn... dying. I did a vlookup for one of my bosses sub-managers. It is amazing how often I use that simple excel.

Monday 4th

I worked all day on only Active Directory stuff. Got a lot of compliments emailed to and from my boss. Went to practiced, My stomach flipped out and I was stuck in the bathroom at the space. It was about 90 degrees in there, nasty hot sweaty bathroom hell. Go monday.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wow Chuck, this is a great place to get murdered."


relaxed and tryed to get Penni's laptop to shutdown without stalling, i tried uninstalling GDM and that broke the Xorg server. I rebooted and dropped into terminal mode and reinstalled it got every this working again. took my Bass drum to the Sam ash on Tyvola and compared sized and sound with a 26" and a 22". all bass drums in at the cavernous dru, dept sound this same. As far as the OMG big bass drum factor, my 24" and the 26" were very similar, so a 28" it is! called chuck for lunch but he got wifed, went to practice. the chords to the Radiohead cover we are doing at the North Augusta Show totally kicked Scott's butt. the show is just 3 practiced away.


Penni took me to get my oil changed. Went to the Arboretum Wal-mart with Penni and bought a hula-hoop to cut into an adjustable model to help me better measure for a new better bass drum. Ate lunch at chick fillet. Helped Chuck move up upstairs with Neil. Everything was covered in Cat hair, Classic. Riff of the Day: "Wow, This is a Great place to get Murdered".

Saturday, August 2, 2008

working on Covers (yuck!) and retrieving records from CHS Active Directory

August 1st

Yest watched drill bit Taylor, connected to active directory employee information, met with Reid about the adjustments project, he is putting it on hold while he researched a possible staff ware solution. Went to the grocery store with Penni. fixed zucchini salsa for dinner crashed early.

July 31st

Picked up the PA, Had an Employee Satisfaction meeting. sat up and ran the PA. When to practice.

July 30th

Got the html table in the adjustment database straight. Felt bad after work, Living in the bedroom is bumming me out. Went to practice Worked on Bright Eyes cover Radiohead and Violent Femmes songs, (Covers yuck!)

July 29th

Stressed out working on databases. Took a walk in the hot sun and felt better. Wal-mart had no hula hoops. The tile guy say 200 more for concrete issues. Ate at Frankie's.

July 28th

Went to practice, loaded new samples for the strength from within song and Bright Eyes cover and half time strength chorus. It was a terrible idea got home and played magic pen.

July 27th

Meeting about karaoke hot dog sale for united way. Ate at Showmars with miss A. Did a few ace modules. the tile guy started not being downstairs drove Penni crazy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The week of Herbert / played The Money in Rock Hill

Saturday 26th

I woke up late and ate at Izzy's with Penni. Picked up a cheap white table cloth for the Merch-Table. I went to the Practice space and ran through the newer songs, Then loaded up and headed to the gig with illli-citizen, Rekless young and Red Letter Blue. The MerchTable look good. An extra band, the supra-phonics showed up because on a mistake with the owner. but they were cool about it. Chuck, Neil and a Lot of Scott's friends and family showed up. The owner rebuilt the drum riser shallower that it was. it was a challenge to play with my elbows stuck against a wall but i managed OK. The show made no money but we did get enough to pay the sound guy. after the gig we unloaded at 3am, then Scott and I went to Skyland. I finally got home, showered and crashed at 5am. whew.

Friday 25th

Finally got the SSI and Citrix people together. talked with boss about the work flow for the adjusts sheet project. did you know you can cheat a survey by deleting your temporary internet files. Penni brought home Qdobas. I felt bad all night. It was probably the extended lack of sleep.

Thursday 24th

The CHS Citrix guru canceled at the last minute on my phone conference with SSI. I met with legal dept for talk about the automatic mail merges. there is a question about the court house accepting single sided print outs. I bought paper toilets cookies and milk for Penni on the way home. I wrote huge check to the tile guy and burned 16 CDs with the K3B bulk copy function on the Linux Coffee table PC. i w practiced. I sounded bad because the last few practices were used to dig up bands to play the show at the money with us and to build Herbert the merch guy. I was dead tired after practice.

Wednesday 23rd

Finally got the Citrix and SSI programmers scheduled in a conference call. Finish "herbert the merch guy".Printed fliers for the Show at the Money in Rock Hill. Scott's voice was falling apart at practice. He needs to take better care of himself, ( ei: he needs to do exactly what i say all the time.)

Tuesday 22nd

worked... *details blurry* put together the artwork for Herbert the Merch-guy,

Monday 21st

Practiced,ironed out the plans for Herbert-from-family-uy Merch-display.

Sunday 20th

Practiced, worked on new song, discussed Ideas for the band Merch-table.

Saturday 19th

I took Penni to Frankies for dinner, it was nice. There were a lot of pregnant women there. I know there is a specific reason that pregnant woman sit the way that do, but man, gross!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Active Directory Code, Sneaky Excel Code, the Enemy and Penni's Pre-Birthday Stuff

Friday July 18th, 2008

Had a meeting with the legal dept. I got some more feature requests for the mail merge database. Got off early to clean, cook and put the final touches on Penni Birthday stuff. She was really happy. I ate too much cake

Thursday Ju1y 17th, 2008

Showed co-worker how to fix laptop network connection by un-istalling the hardware and letting the OS reinstall it. A guy from IS sent me code to search active directory. Sweet. Added Stuff to share point for my boss. We test recorded new song at practice and tested korg sounds for the little 202 sampler aka the box of failure. i loaned Scott a usb drive with 2 Dresden doll Album mp3s. Listened to chapelle mp3s in the car.

Wednesday July 16th, 2008

Wrote VB code that makes a spreadsheet email Windows user ID and PC names of the recipient on the open event. Showed the boss. bought RCA cables for sampler.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The SysAdmin verses "The Enemy". Started spaghetti for Penni. Month End Reports were NA worked on 2 new songs at practice. Penni had bad day at work.

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Worked and Went to practice and worked on two new songs. I almost forgot how painfully writing as a band is. We got some stuff done but we were ready to kill each other.

Sunday, July 14, 2008

Slept until noon. Dinner with mom Traci Penni at Carabbas. went to practice and built table of failure for electronic extras while drumming.

Saturday, July 15, 2008

Slept late got coffee and groceries with penni napped. Penni drove me to the practice space and I grabbed some sticks to re-wrap. I love her so!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Played the Lancaster Tavern on Muscle Relaxers

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Slept late went grocery shopping and got coffee and chocolate chip cookies. Took a long nap. Still on muscle relaxers.

Friday, Jul 11, 2008

Still on muscle relaxers. Got to a good place on my small claims database. I fixed the issue with multiple users grabbing each other's records. Tried to pickup our CD demo labels from Kinko's during lunch but they print out an old order not the one we needed. we to the practice. Loaded on the U-haul and git stuck in traffic on the we way to the gig in Lancaster. We arrived in Lancaster just in time but the sound guy was an hour late. Penni, Ricky and a lot of Scott's family showed up. We drew the first slot. The sound guy took forever to set on the PA, actually cut Scott piano off for a second in the middle of a song, playing with levels. Scott did well in such terrible conditions. The local good ole boys were rushing us in the set up and tear down. I am proud that Scott did not flip out on them. After the gig i drove Penni to the practice space to unload and then we all went to hte sky land. later we got home, took the dog out side, took another muscle relaxer and crashed.

Thursday, Jul 10, 2008

I woke up feeling better, I felt drugged but safer driving. Work went OK, Programming on muscle relaxers, funny stuff. I worked on populating a form table from sql. DoCmd.RunSQL is my new friend. is my I ate lunch with Angela at subway. Went to practice to unpack, play the set, and pack back up for a gig the next day.

Wednesday Jul 9, 2008

Woke up with my neck on fire. driving in to work was dangerous, called the doctor and got an appointment for 11:45. He said it was a muscle spasm. he prescribed some muscle relaxers. I took them, went home and slept. i was perfectly immobile all night.

Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008

Woke up with my Neck mysteriously hurting. It lasted all day. Worked on Add-legal-Judgments function on small claims letter database, debugging SQl stuff is a little painful. There is a lot of pasting to word and color coating strings. I put ice on on it after work. Penni cooked chicken nuggets for me. i email the Logo-dogz (with a plural Z) guys approved T-shirt art.

Monday, Jul 7, 2008

Scott called and canceled practice because he over-did-it at work demoing a bathroom. relaxed with Penni. Cooked her S

Monday, July 7, 2008

played Tremont music hall after eating a pound of cashews,

Sunday, Jul 6, 2008

Woke up at 3am 6am and 9am with cashew fueled gut murder. Played Mahjong while I waited fir it to pass. Then i Sucked it up, Put on my game face and played Tremont music hall. Scott forgot that U-haul was closed on Sunday. Penni saved us all by help drive gear from the practice and the gig and back. Penni and i ate at Carrabas it was heaven after a long long exhausting day. Crashed at midnight.

Saturday, Jul 5, 2008

Slept late watched a few transformers the animated series on the Linux Lappy, (Cheese and horror-ably animated) bought snacks and watched UFC fight at Scott's apartment with Penni Josh and Ricky. Ate whole can of cashews. That was very stupid of me because i am unable to digest Cashews.

Friday, Jul 4, 2008
Slept to noon, ate lunch at Penni's parents house. Penni's dad wants a Linux webcam. Watched last death note episode (disappointing!!!1 @#^&*@&% ) and Chowder. Played chess with Penni.

Thursday, Jul 3, 2008

Today sat in on 2 interviews, googled one app's Terrible myspace page. Ate at migels with boss and coworkers. added UID column to SQL table. practiced.

Wednesday, Jul 2, 2008
Got quotes for band t-shirts, mailed off broken hi-hat to Zildjian, Worked on sql inserts, bought Baoding for Penni submitted sticker art to contagious graphics.

Tuesday Jul 1, 2008
Worked on writing to a sql table with ADO. Ate at tin-tins for boss's birthday. Got a 911 call from Scott, his truck was towed and needed help. i picked him up in south Charlotte and and drove him downtown to the lot. he got about 2 hours of sleep that night and still made it to practice.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Today cleaned up spare bed room a little. Ate a lot of bad food. Tried out the new sound module at the practice setup and marked new roll up drum mat.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 gigs this week, fun but, hella tired


Woke up at 6am with leg cramps. went back to sleep, slept late, watched death note on my laptop in bed with Penni it was nice. posted a question on the boards. took a shower. got groceries. ate and Mexicana 1900. uploaded gig pictures and napped on the couch.


Installed the express version of MS SQL enterprise that my coworker discovered. Played the keg and cue with David Stein and the Ravens. Penni Phillip ryan and davey allstar and charlie was there. My old band "Worth" played there about 6 years ago it was strange to go back. There were no homeless people there this time. The PA was tiny but the gig went well. unloaded and ate with penni and scott at Skyland. Penni was terrorizing Scott. It was quite funny.


Played Charlotte's underground with my old buddy Neil's band Broadcasting Silence and 7 days. The first band noodled on guitars at full volume for an hour before they finally opened up the show. Neil's band was really good. Their singer has really improved! our monitors were absolutely chaotic but chuck said the PA mix was good. We did well. crashed late.


Covered the sysAdmin while he was out. Got a call from my boss to Google a manager meeting trivia question. Bought Tennis racket tape to use as stick wrap. Kursty was sick and her voice was totally gone.My Drum rug arrived in the mail. Practiced. made sound check song.


Rested bought pizza for Penni. laid around like a fat slob .wee


Drank a lot of coffee. watched assy mcgee death note guy stuck in internet naruto. got to level 60 on frozen bubble. bought sd module


Ate at Izzys. Fixed traci cdburner and mp3 player. Made a copy of Scott's blonde redhead CD for chuck. We ate sushi at the place by Chuck's house. Went to practice and setup the feedback destroyer on the PA. posted flyers during a break, later the power at practice space died. It was very anti-climatic.

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