Sunday, December 14, 2008

Java eclipse video tutorials, women talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars

Saturday Dec 13

I woke up at 11am and fixed my eclipse scrapbook error issue and posted the solution on the Ubuntu forums. I worked on Java eclipse video tutorials while Penni cleaned. The tutorials are really good, the guy (Mark Dexter) reminds me of Chess Griffin from the Linux Reality podcast. Penni's parents came over to see the tile floors and drop off their dog for us to babysit. We all went to Harper's. Penni told us a heart destroying story at dinner about a lady with Alzheimer whose son has cancer . She is sad and does not remember why...( sweet dreams kids!) We returned to find their dog pooped on our stairs. The dogs and Penni settled on the couch and I worked on video Java tutorials.

Friday Dec 12

I worked on IE scripting and writing error catching functions most the day. I ate lunch with the usual break room crew. Penni and I ordered a pizza, ate and then napped for a few hours. I woke up at 9pm, fixed some coffee and worked on eclipse / java video tutorials. A weird issue popped up with the java version and the eclipse Immediate-Window-thingy called "Scrapbook". I worked on the Scrapbook issue while Clone wars and the usual AdultSwim stuff was on. I crashed around 4am.

Thursday Dec 11

I met with a manager to discuss changes that he needs made to a database. He wants needs 40+ more fields added to the the import file. This is going to totally rape my table structure. (Wee!) I ate lunch with the crew in the break room. From some reason all the women at the table were talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars. I bought Penni some wine, a movie and pasta. I took a quick napped before practice, then drove down and worked on the clipping mix down track issue. The cover bands next door were extra terrible and annoying!

Wednesday Dec 10

My boss was sick, locked inside his office all day. It was warm/rainy outside and hot inside the building. It was torture. I borrowed my friend's desk fan. I ate at Miguel s with the my coworkers. I worked on IE scripting most of the day. The Java teacher replied and said we are going to use the IDE eclipse instead of NetBeans. I went to practice and recorded drums for part one of the four part Full Circle song. I checked my email and a some lady at Sun fixed the bug I found on the NetBeans wiki. Go Team.

Tuesday Dec 9

A manager skipped on a meeting about a project I was working on for his department. I ate lunch at showmars with miss A and worked on IE scripting. After work Penni and I went to the mall. I was stuck in Anne Taylor loft while Penni tried on pants. She bought about $150 worth of stuff and then we got dinner at Harper's . The Waitress jumped around the corner and scared Penni to death in the booth. everyone in the restaurant was talking about the auto bail out news. (How do you make a kid run a successful lemonade stand?) We finally got home and I ordered some blue jeans online. I emailed the Java teacher and asked him about using Linux for the class, I checked out the NetBeans IDE for Java and found a typo on their wiki. I logged in on the wiki but i could not change it. I found a email address for the web team and send it to them.

Monday Dec 8

I worked on debugging the weird table lock error that the telecommuters found in the small claims database. It caused by Citrix user profile getting stuck while the user tried to log out. I ate a Nikkos Greek Salad for lunch with the usual break room crew. I bought drumsticks ice cream for Penni and when to practice. We finished the recording for "tonight comma you" and started working on setting the click tempo for "Coming Full Circle" Penni cooked chicken nuggets for me. Awww...

Sunday Dec 7

I woke up late and took the last C++ test. I made a 99/105. I Watched a lot of new Simpson's and family guys on I went to practice and we added reverb on the quiet drums and intro keys weird drum sounds. I got home and finished the Bone volume 5 book.


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