Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas, Bone Volume 6, ATHF Volume 6, Medicaid Web Automation Tool Testing and Eclipse Editor Colors

Dec 27 Saturday

Penni and I woke up early and drove to Statesville to eat Xmas breakfast with my Dads side of the family. We ran into some nasty sports event traffic on way back on 77 near downtown. We dropped off my phone at a Verizon store. the charging port is messed up and they are sending me a new one. I texted the Sysadmin, Scott and My Boss my Wife's phone number for emergency contact. We went out with Penni's parents for dinner at Carrabbas and then went back to their house to exchange gifts. We finally got home and I worked on more Java Eclipse tutorials.

Dec 26 Friday

I woke up early to cover the Sysadmin's PTO. It was a bad Translation Day. Operations failed to generate the print image files for 2 days. They finished them around 8am and translations finished about 5 hours late. I fixed another bug in the Web automation tool that the power-user found. She said the tool is really fast and she is liking it. Whew! I skipped lunch and worked an hour late to finished the Electronic Billing. I went home, showered, napped and worked on Java stuff all night.

Dec 25 Thursday - Xmas

I woke up late and loaded the car with gifts and drove to Statesville for my moms families side of Xmas. My sister and her boyfriend brought their new puppy. It bit my Aunt, threw up and peed in the floor (Wooo!) The slippers I bought my mom were one size too small. I think my dad liked his stuff. We drove back and then finally dropped off Penni's parents dog at their house. I finally got home, relaxed and watch the new ATHF DVD and played kBounce.

Dec 24 Wednesday - Xmas Eve

My coworker was out again. The Air Conditioning failed this morning and I emailed my contact at lincoln harris about it, asking why she did not reply to my questions about the network closet temperature alarm system and a maintenance schedule. I had Subway for lunch with The Sysadmin. I fixed a bug in the medicaid web tool that my power user buddy found. I bought taco mix for dinner and then took a nap. My mom called and woke me up and asked me to go out and buy some canned rolls for dinner at parents in Statesville tomorrow. Penni's parents dog chewed through it's gate. Penni got home and we showered and opened gifts. We ate tacos and watched new ATHF DVD and all was well.

Dec 23 Tuesday

My coworker called in sick. I showed the Medicaid Web Automation Tool to my Corp Billing power user buddy for testing. She liked it. All my bosses departments had there Xmas party. I got lunch at Show mars with Miss A. I snacked on some left over party cookies after lunch, went home and vomited (Bad Cookies or Bad Greek salad) I napped/sweated on the couch. I woke up and showered and felt better. I wrapped gifts and crashed.

Dec 22 Monday
I took the day off to finish my Xmas shopping. I woke up and stepped in dog poop first thing in the morning. We will never babysit Penni's parents dog again. I showered and got Bojangles for breakfast. I bought dad and Penni's gift and then got Wendy's for lunch. I went to the comic book store. Everyone there lit up when i asked about the BONE series. The AKEA table that my sister order for us arrive with damaged parts. Great. Scott was late for practice, I called him and he said he forgot today was a practice day. I got home and read the volume 6 of the BONE series in the tub.

Dec 21 Sunday

I crashed at 4am and slept late. Penni and I went to Izzy's for Breakfast and then out for groceries. I submitted a question on the Eclipse new users mailing list about editing the colors of the automatically hi-lighted "matching Variables". I edited the colors and got theme pretty close to the tango oblivion then while ATHF DVD played. I went to the practice space and recorded the drums for Full Circle Part three of four.

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