Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rita's Gift at The Highlander

Saturday 9th

Penni spent the night at her friend tommi's house. She got home at 8am. we spent to 11am and then went to Izzy and the grocery store. I napped for 6 hours and then watched naruto and crashed at 1am. it was a good sunday,

Friday 8th

Went to a Staffware meeting and later helped a manager with a ms live netmeeting. Ate at salsaritas with kursty. I left early, showered, took dog out and then left for load up for a gig in north agusta GA.

4:45pm I got to the practice space
5:30pm finished loadup and departed for gig
8:30pm arrived at the venue
10:30pm started set. The stage was tiny. The PA kept sorting out and feedingback but the crowd was really cool
12:00 illi-citizen started their set. They sounded really good. Steve from illicitzen took some great pictures for us.
2:00am loaded up and headed home.
4:45am had to make an emergency stop in rock hill for a bathroom break.
5:30am Arrived at the Practice space for unload.
7:00am got home Showered and crashed.

Thursday 7th

I wrote code to generate a formatted phone list from an active directory query. Penni brought home chik-fila, I practiced and then emailed percision drum's quote to Lady Luck drums for a competing quote.

Wednesday 6th

I forgot my door badge. I worked on narrowing the employee db from active dir to be useful and ate at salsaritas. I made set list and practiced the hour long non stop set.

Tuesday 5th

Sent my boss a invite to talk about an Active Directory Employee Information Project. The SSI server went down for a few minutes because IS rebooted it for a Tivoli push. I had lunch with MISS A. My Stomach was messed up after lunch at showmars, heart burn... dying. I did a vlookup for one of my bosses sub-managers. It is amazing how often I use that simple excel.

Monday 4th

I worked all day on only Active Directory stuff. Got a lot of compliments emailed to and from my boss. Went to practiced, My stomach flipped out and I was stuck in the bathroom at the space. It was about 90 degrees in there, nasty hot sweaty bathroom hell. Go monday.

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