Sunday, August 17, 2008

Played the Rock Shoppe in Fayetteville

Saturday 16th

Penni woke me up at 10am and then again at 11am. We got lunch at Harpers got Groceries and then Napped to 3pm. Penni, Scott and I went to the keg and Cue to get the Door money from illi-citizen from the last gig we played with them. We played pool for a while and then a lame old-guy-fight broke out at the bar and we split. Penni was a little upset and then we hit a Cat with the car on the way home. Nice. Crashed at 2am.

Friday 15th

Took 8 PTO for a gig in Fayetteville. Woke up late, 10:30am so i would be OK driving late late that night/the next morning. showered coffee picked up CD envelopes and got to the space at 2pm to break down the drum, Scott showed up late with the u-haul trailer, we loaded up and left the space at 3:30. driving down to the gig there was one lunch break, one gas break and one bathroom break in a flooded Wendy's bathroom in the middle of no where. got to the Venue around The Venue , The Rock Shoppe, Has really great murals Painted all over the walls. We played first and got a good response from the Army guys from the nearby base. The last band were army guys that were deployed in Iraq and could kill us 99 different ways. They had a song called 'busted lip' about "pulling someone in a Man Dress out of the rubble" funny stuff. Scott was arguing with a drunk woman who was good friends from Tammy Wynette and Allen Jackson and we giving us career advice. we left the venue at 2:30am. we missed a ramp on the way back and stopped at a gas station to buy a map. the Gas station clerks point us in the wrong direction, but we were able to use the map to pick up a highway in Dillon SC to get back on track and get to the practice space by 6:30am After unloading the gear, Scott looked like death. I stuck my head in the water fountain to wake up, drove home, showered and crashed at 7:30am.

Thursday 14th

United Way Parking Lot Carnival event, A full day of sweating, running drop cords, and carrying around Tables. There were wasps all over the food area so I Ran to Wal-mart to some Wasp-Spray, The lines of people were looped around the building so just grabbed a gyro from Nikko's. My new Coworker helped out a lot. My sampler volume knob failed at practice that night and had to re-adjust all my patch volume for the gig on the next day.

Monday 11th

Picked up lunch from Nikko's and wrote the Tile Guy a check for the completed work. I ate all of Penni's Cheetos before practice, she text me at from home, "WHERE R MY CHEETOS!". . We Recorded 2 rough tracks with my Linux laptop for get a click tempo and ideas for overdubs. Picked up milk and cookies for Penni after practice. While i was in the Grocery store on the phone with Penni she start doing the "I heard a noise / I think someone is in the house". Thing, scaring me to death. I had Chips salsa for dinner.

Sunday 10th

Slept late picked up Qdobas for Penni browsed home depot for lacquers. Sat up practice space after gig argued with Scott about the 28 inch clarity.


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