Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wow Chuck, this is a great place to get murdered."


relaxed and tryed to get Penni's laptop to shutdown without stalling, i tried uninstalling GDM and that broke the Xorg server. I rebooted and dropped into terminal mode and reinstalled it got every this working again. took my Bass drum to the Sam ash on Tyvola and compared sized and sound with a 26" and a 22". all bass drums in at the cavernous dru, dept sound this same. As far as the OMG big bass drum factor, my 24" and the 26" were very similar, so a 28" it is! called chuck for lunch but he got wifed, went to practice. the chords to the Radiohead cover we are doing at the North Augusta Show totally kicked Scott's butt. the show is just 3 practiced away.


Penni took me to get my oil changed. Went to the Arboretum Wal-mart with Penni and bought a hula-hoop to cut into an adjustable model to help me better measure for a new better bass drum. Ate lunch at chick fillet. Helped Chuck move up upstairs with Neil. Everything was covered in Cat hair, Classic. Riff of the Day: "Wow, This is a Great place to get Murdered".

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