Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Children by The Mountain Goats

No Children by The Mountain Goats
Thurs Oct 16

Day of Guitar Hero / PA system nightmare. I picked up PA and installed the software on a laptop with a invalid video card. (it finally worked on a desktop with an extra gig of borrowed ram.) I sat up the projector and PA for the event up and had to take picture of all the corny shenanigans too. Got 80 and 100 of my C++ labs. Scott bought another 8x10 cabinet and a used 300 dollar Marshall head that blew 4 hrs later. He also broke off half a molar. He is having a great week.

Weds Oct 15

I ate lunch with the crew at Showmars and called a best buy for guitar hero availability and prices for a silly patient accounting week event. Scott and I bought black sheets and tired blue lites for practice space video idea and put up more black rugs

Tues Oct 14

I went on a 7 hour telecommuter deployment. every thing that cold go wrong did, the Tech from IS handled it really well. the power died in the middle of a juniper firmware upgrade. it killed the device and mysteriously kill the DSL modem too. I picked up the movie the happening for Penni and a few groceries on the way home. We ordered pizza and both took a napped really really long nap That kept me awake to 4am.

Mon Oct 13

I was bummed all day, the "No children song" was stuck in my head and it destroyed me all day. I changed delimiting in ub04 medicaid site and the development is going a lot faster. At practice, Scott's bass tone was weird and his 7 year old Marshall head blew up. He was very emotion about it. we hanged black rubber rugs that we found in the space to kill side of the reverb in the practice room.

Sun Oct 12

Ate Nikos got groceries Penni had a urinary track infection and went to the doctor while i was at practice The room was damp from our wet gear worked on c++ to 2am.

Sat Oct 11

woke up early sore from the gig. worked on c++ homework sent Scott the gig pictures watched an amazing moral with a song called "No Children" by The Mountain Goats. I googled them and found a free song called "Thanks you Mario but our princess is in another castle" and a free EP.

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