Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ritas Gift at Charlotte's Underground, Blowing Breakers for fives of dollars!

Fri Oct 17

A busy day. I worked on more parsing, added line charges from the UB04, got a CHS values and action award for helping the QA dept with their access database, changed clothes and went straight to the space. Scott bought another Guitar amp. This time it is a 400 watt hybrid Randall. (Godspeed young man, Godspeed.) We quickly ran through the set, loaded the gear up in the cold rain, went to the gig, sat up and blew the breaker for the left side of the stage 30 seconds into the first song. Woo! We got the power back on and the rest of the set went well. Penni brought 5 coworkers to see us. She is great. We stayed to listen to the rest of the bands, unloaded at the space and all went to Skyland at 3am. We had to drop off our friend Kirby in Mathews and i was dead pass out tired on the way back to the house. Penni said i was talking crazy She said she asked me math problems like what is 10 times 4, I would answer wrong, She would laugh and then i would woke up a little and answer it correctly and then start talking crazy again. Experimenting with delirious people is hilarious. We got home and finally crashed at 5am.

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