Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tommi's going away party, Obama wins, Pro Tool driver hell, Lisa Germano, and the correct DDR3 RAM

Nov 8 Sat

Woke up at 10am. Submitted my C++ Homework. Relaxed. Cooked Spaghetti for Penni and Zucchini and baked chips for myself. Googled some info about micing drum sets. Watched a new Naruto movie.

Nov 7 Fri

I Fixed my boss's boss's boss's PST files. The real issue was her personal drive mapped to a server that had very little available space. I got Niko's and ate with the crew in the break room. I scheduled a lot of telecommuter site visits, updated a four month out of date claim volume report graph thingy, and worked on the web entry automation. I got home, watched the new Moral Orel and worked on C++ homework all night to 4am.

The new IE.document.all("box").value code runs about 10 times faster than my old "SendKeys" method. I feel like I am taking one step back and am running forward now. The process runs with excel and is Citrix friendly. My coworkers will be able to change a few lines on the excel file and use my code for their projects. When I get the wait-for-application to update function debugged it will be freaking sweet.

' top of the page html source code
f unction do Add() {
var bSelected = false;
var yourface = '';
var vData = null;
document. frmView.op.value = 'ADD';
document.frmView.action = 'foo.asp';
document. frmView.submit();

'bottom of the page
>td><>input name="btnAdd" value="Add' onclick=" type="button"> < 'works with IE.document.all("tehbutton").click IE.document. all("tehtextbauks").Value = "hello">>

Nov 6 Thu

I got the new write-to-asp page code working. Woo. I ate lunch at Subway with the usual lunch crew. I picked up some hilarious Lady-Medicine for Penni. Scott's new power supply and DDR3 RAM arrived. Scott came over and we ordered a pizza and worked on loading Pro Tool 7.4 on it until one a.m. I hate installing window drivers. I thought Linux was extra work, but man, visiting the world of windows hardware driver makes me miss repositories and DEB packages.

Nov 5 Wed

My coworker said he cried at Obama's acceptance speech. Awww! I submitted my 1st VBA forum question and answered a question while I was logged in. I had lunch with the usual crew at Salsaritas. I helped with an audit nurse's new laptop . I have been listening to Lisa Germano for the last two days, it's Great depressing stuff. I went to practice and spilled my coffee in the parking lot, argh. We bought a Tupperware bin at Wal-mart to organize some of the small junk at the Practice space, I brought old 13" marching snare home, listening to Skinny Puppy. "The Greater Wrong of the Right" is a freaking masterpiece.

Nov 4 Tue

I had lunch with the crew at Show-mars. There was a lots of boring Obama ranting. I went to a telecommuter site visit and got lost on backroads on the way back. I lost about 10 adrenaline filled minutes, it was no big deal. I went to a book store, looking for a I.E. scripting VBA book. Penni and I ate at Cabo Fish Taco. NBC election coverage was on the TV at the restaurant. The Graphics kept flashing from Blue-on-top to Red-on-top, like it was an exciting neck and neck race, it was pretty cheesy. Penni bought some underwear at target and then we drove home. I worked on GIMPing a photo of a spider eating a cat. We watched the daily show election coverage, Obama won, and John Stewart teared up a little. The Fox News anchors were back pedaling super hard. Our neighbors shot off a few fireworks. Yeah. The previous regime is out, Cool people are happy, Racist are practicing their long boring rants, turn turn turn...

Nov 3 Mon

I used a PTO day with Penni. I got gas for Penni and Bojangles's biscuits. Penni was hungover and had diarrhea. We both napped on the couch. My game-pad arrived. I played a Kirby ROM and when to practice to hang up more sheets. I bought dog food and cookies after practice.

Nov 2 Sun

Penni went to Tommi's going away party. Scott and I put the recording PC together. I ordered the correct DDR3 RAM and 24 pin power supply, yeah i suck. Scott offer to drive Penni's car home from the bar, great guy. We ordered a pizza and waited for Penni to call for a ride. We picked up Penni, She was pretty inebriated. She tried to sleep on the stairs and in the floor, she is adore-able.


Schaber said...

Oh no Obama won! Now we'll have 4 years of pain and torture. If McCain would have won we would have had 4 years of pain and least Obama will get the school interest loans lowered and maybe send us out some more stimulus checks. I just wish he was more Mavrickee. All politicians are the same. Have you heard that Obama wants to enslave us all and make us work in socialist salt mines to store nuclear weapons for Cuba. That's what Rush said, and we all know that Rush is never wrong. : )

Penni Gryder said...
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