Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tempo changing click tracks, being sick through Thanksgiving, a rusty work van and 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people

Saturday Nov 29

We woke up early, dropped the dog off at Penni's parents house, and drove to Statesville to meet up with the family and eat dinner at my aunt's house in Tayorsville. Traci brought her new French bulldog puppy. I never thought Traci would be one of those 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people. Pff! My dad's signed his old rusty work van over to me and I drove it back to Charlotte in the nasty fog and rain.

Friday Nov 28

It was the day after thanksgiving, and I was still a little sick, but it was dead quiet in the office and it was great. I finished the edits for the extra fields in the small claims mail merge database and ate lunch with the SysAdmin and Miss A at Showmars. I got home and worked on finishing up the last C++ homework. I watched and critiqued a few new SpongeBob episodes on the couch with my Wife. Life is great.

Thursday Nov 27

Thxgvn day. I woke up sick with a fever, chills and snot all day. I went to Penni's parents for lunch and fixed her dad's samba printer, he reinstalled windows and changed his PC name thus changing the samba path. I got home and napped. I tried to crash at 7pm but laid awake thinking about rebuilding the QA database (maybe as a web application?) I got up and worked on my C++ homework a little while watching a few new chowder episodes.

Wednesday Nov 26

I worked on changing the legal mail merge sql table to match new fields. When you change table column names the table views do not update. it is a very sucky bug(or "Windows Feature"!) Penni visited the office and ate lunch with me and the usual crew at Arby's. I started developing a sore throat. I went to the practice space early and recorded drums. Scott and I argued about working with quarter and sixteenth note click tracks and tempo changes for an hour. fun fun fun.

Tuesday Nov 25

I.S. magically uninstalled winzip on all CHS PCs and i had submit OSR to keep the wheels from flying off the info-wagon. I worked on legal mail merge and submitted a weeks worth of telecommuter mileage on a reimbursement form. I bought groceries in the busy holiday crowd. I started working my c++ homework's sorting logic.

Monday Nov 24

I was sent on a last minute 8am telecommuter deployment. I'm not exactly sure how this happened, I guess it was a lack on communication between teams. I worked with the manager of Cash Posting and proposed using a outlook public folder to fix the CBO/SBO ledger issue. I had a department Thanksgiving lunch I remoted into CRMC to help with a SSI installation. I went to the space and we finally resolved the drum mic noise issue. I came home and googled replacement laptop screens.

Sunday Nov 23

I took the second C++ test and made an 85. I started working on my last homework, sorting arrays in functions. I went to the practice space and started test recording drums. We found a line noise issue and worked on fixing it for the rest of the night. I got home and watched a new moral Orel, super jail and Drinky crow.

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