Monday, July 7, 2008

played Tremont music hall after eating a pound of cashews,

Sunday, Jul 6, 2008

Woke up at 3am 6am and 9am with cashew fueled gut murder. Played Mahjong while I waited fir it to pass. Then i Sucked it up, Put on my game face and played Tremont music hall. Scott forgot that U-haul was closed on Sunday. Penni saved us all by help drive gear from the practice and the gig and back. Penni and i ate at Carrabas it was heaven after a long long exhausting day. Crashed at midnight.

Saturday, Jul 5, 2008

Slept late watched a few transformers the animated series on the Linux Lappy, (Cheese and horror-ably animated) bought snacks and watched UFC fight at Scott's apartment with Penni Josh and Ricky. Ate whole can of cashews. That was very stupid of me because i am unable to digest Cashews.

Friday, Jul 4, 2008
Slept to noon, ate lunch at Penni's parents house. Penni's dad wants a Linux webcam. Watched last death note episode (disappointing!!!1 @#^&*@&% ) and Chowder. Played chess with Penni.

Thursday, Jul 3, 2008

Today sat in on 2 interviews, googled one app's Terrible myspace page. Ate at migels with boss and coworkers. added UID column to SQL table. practiced.

Wednesday, Jul 2, 2008
Got quotes for band t-shirts, mailed off broken hi-hat to Zildjian, Worked on sql inserts, bought Baoding for Penni submitted sticker art to contagious graphics.

Tuesday Jul 1, 2008
Worked on writing to a sql table with ADO. Ate at tin-tins for boss's birthday. Got a 911 call from Scott, his truck was towed and needed help. i picked him up in south Charlotte and and drove him downtown to the lot. he got about 2 hours of sleep that night and still made it to practice.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Today cleaned up spare bed room a little. Ate a lot of bad food. Tried out the new sound module at the practice setup and marked new roll up drum mat.

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