Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 gigs this week, fun but, hella tired


Woke up at 6am with leg cramps. went back to sleep, slept late, watched death note on my laptop in bed with Penni it was nice. posted a question on the boards. took a shower. got groceries. ate and Mexicana 1900. uploaded gig pictures and napped on the couch.


Installed the express version of MS SQL enterprise that my coworker discovered. Played the keg and cue with David Stein and the Ravens. Penni Phillip ryan and davey allstar and charlie was there. My old band "Worth" played there about 6 years ago it was strange to go back. There were no homeless people there this time. The PA was tiny but the gig went well. unloaded and ate with penni and scott at Skyland. Penni was terrorizing Scott. It was quite funny.


Played Charlotte's underground with my old buddy Neil's band Broadcasting Silence and 7 days. The first band noodled on guitars at full volume for an hour before they finally opened up the show. Neil's band was really good. Their singer has really improved! our monitors were absolutely chaotic but chuck said the PA mix was good. We did well. crashed late.


Covered the sysAdmin while he was out. Got a call from my boss to Google a manager meeting trivia question. Bought Tennis racket tape to use as stick wrap. Kursty was sick and her voice was totally gone.My Drum rug arrived in the mail. Practiced. made sound check song.


Rested bought pizza for Penni. laid around like a fat slob .wee


Drank a lot of coffee. watched assy mcgee death note guy stuck in internet naruto. got to level 60 on frozen bubble. bought sd module


Ate at Izzys. Fixed traci cdburner and mp3 player. Made a copy of Scott's blonde redhead CD for chuck. We ate sushi at the place by Chuck's house. Went to practice and setup the feedback destroyer on the PA. posted flyers during a break, later the power at practice space died. It was very anti-climatic.

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Penni Gryder said...

Two damn days have passed and I am still recuperating from Friday night. Holy Crap I'm OLD!!!!
You just farted and it smells horrible!!!

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