Saturday, June 7, 2008

busy as hell plus 9 shows are booked


Drove to Statesville with Penni and Traci to visit the Parents before their trip on Father's day. we are a Captain's Gallies. My mom said they "re-did" the restaurant and it was really nice. That was a Lie. it was the old tacky fish place plus a couple of new murals about the history of Statesville. We hung out for a while, dropped Traci off and came home. I finally read part 4 of my inner bimbo. Sam Keith is a genius. Went to practice played though the set and did fliers at kinkos for the rest of the night. Scott was freaking out about ant in the space. It was quite funny. "...%^&*$!!!, They are gonna get inside of my amp and chew up the wire and stuff"


Slept late ate lunch at Lupies, watched death note, Naruto, Went with Penni for a long walk to return 'The Reaping'.


Worked, Went to Showmars with the crew. cooked chicken tacos for Penni. watched the movie the reaping.


Brought the Linux Lappy to the practice space and showed Scott creative commons idea for gig flier. He liked it. printed business card.


Finished hacking on the CredByAge.mdb to accept extra fields. Practiced Got new hi hat stand.


Took a long lunch to use up flex time, comic book store. I have the best music in the world on my 40 gig Ipod, i set it on shuffle and every song was a home run.


practiced, i showed Scott the magic of Tremolo plus bass-synth. I am a effects genius, yet I carry the burden of drums, like Atlas with a Dumpster.

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