Friday, June 20, 2008

Rita's Gift at New Brookland Tavern SC


Woke up at 6am to cover the sysadmin desk. Ate with Kursty in the Breakroom. got home and took a nap ordered a pizza with penni. uploaded gig pictures and watched ATHF DVD.


Shadowed the sysadmin. Ate alone at nikos and read the creative loafing. Left work at 2pm to load up and play the New Brookland Tavern in Columbia SC. it went really well. Scott burned me a blonde redhead cd it is excellent! it is very shoe-gazer-y. Chuck would love it. got back to the space at 2am, unloaded, drove home and crashed at 3am.


Bought 2 speaker cables for scott. Rented and watched semi-pro from redbox. Bought and cooked tacos ordered a drum rug online. crashed early.


Today Woke up early for handy woman door quote. Emailed gig pictures to Scott. Walked to red box w penni and dog to return dvd. Went to practice.

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