Saturday, June 14, 2008

Power Duo.


Slept to noon, went to Panera bread for lunch, then to Target and the grocery store with Penni. Went to Arpa with Penni's parent for her dad's birthday. Tapas = confusion, "how big is that? what to we order? do we share?". later we went to their house and i fixed their Linux windows printer sharing and install the Zip file creator ARK on their Linux laptop. it is nice to be useful. returned and watched naruto and a redbox movie.


Helped my coworker with her first Database, Your first database always looks like hell. It is a learning experience. Played the milestone with Rita's gift as a power 2 piece. It went well moving the bass cabs were a pain. Pics in route. Chuck and Penni were there. Went to Skyland afterwards.


Ate lunch alone to read the loaf and resolve my headache. Practiced, did a fake load in at the practice space to get a rough setup time. 13 minutes, not bad.


practiced. blurry, ...


Started multi-departmental project database thingy for my boss and picked up chicken and cookies for Penni. my chrome 18 inch floor tom is no longer available, the order for that was my xmas last year. :( i always get screwed on holidays...

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