Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do-not-rehire lists, Daily Volume Balancing, Wallace & Grommet, and Pizza Tops.


Dana had a day from hell, translations finished at 2pm. Penni finally got the green light to submit her 1-3/4 week notice at the Pain Clinic. (I'm worried about her being put on a do-not-rehire list) Went to Rock Bottom to Celebrate.


Finished fixing the Daily Volume Balancing for Mike. Yea. a little bought Veggie Pizza for Dinner looked for the labyrinth for Penni at Blockbuster, not available, bought a acoustic guitar pickup. Cleaned to computer room some more.


Looked for the labyrinth at a different Blockbuster, not available, got a Wallace and Grommet movie. Penni submitted ads online to find volunteers for entertain the old folks. Worked on cleaning up the computer room and recording on the LinuxLappy to 3am.


I slept late. I dreamed that Chuck and I order a "Pizza Top" from a restaurant, basically a big stab of melted cheese and pepperoni. Fat people Dreams.... a new low.

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Schaber said...

Labyrinth! David Bowie, and Muppets. Nothing is better! Why don't you just go to Amazon and buy it! It is soooo worth having to watch over and over again! It is hensons best movie.

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