Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bad Mood 2007: The phantom menace


"I wish you would open up and communicate better with me."
"I wish I could to murder everyone I see and black the sun out of the sky, Walka-Walka-Walka! =)"

I woke up late. I was in the shower when Penni ripped the shower curtain open and scared the hell out of me. Had Breakfast around noon as Izzy's. I was in a bad mood all day. Penni kept asking why I was in a bad mood, which made it worst.

After Izzy's, Penni took a nap and i dialed in to check Translations. Everything was cool, so I up my Roller hockey gear and went to to the nearby track to knock the ball around. i setup some water bottles as cones and work on my control. I can control the ball turning left better than Right, I need to work on that, maybe i should buy a book, street hockey for dummies.

We meet Penni's sister her husband and Penni's parent as Carabasa for dinner. Penni's Dad was asking about simple red-eye reduction in Linux. he said Gimp was too option-filled and would like a editor with controls ranging between gimp and mspaint. I need to Google that for him.

Watched narruto and then downloaded the new TMBG cd "the Else" from Russian itunes for $1.40. Classic college-y nerd rock <3. i took a long walk around midnight to listen to it. I feel much better now.


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