Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hockye Stikc 2 Teh Faec! :0

Breakfast at izzy's. Scheduled try out with new a band guy. Bought material for a new drum pedal board. Ran into Quan from mortons custom plastics! :) we worked together about 9 years ago. Played street hockey with chuck. I think he may have given me a black eye. Fun Fun Fun.


Schaber said...

What is a drum pedal board? Youre one o them pansy electrical drummers with dere fancy plastic pads and yer drum modjools that make fart noizes. aintcha. In my day all we had were big pie pans and drums covered with mule skins, and we beat on em with claw hammers and we rocked with bloody fingers. And if we lost an eye we stuck a laser light in da eye hole and had ourselves a purdy light show. Cachow!! I am either pretending to be an old man here or a drunken sailor. It could go either way depending on your mood. **end goth rant**

bgryderclock said...

I made a board to hold my double bass drum pedals. it make the easier to move around. my old board was wooden and gross with old moldy foot / sweat dampness. fancy indeed. =)

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