Saturday, July 28, 2007

Turd Cutter, the musical.


Quote of the week: "Wow, look at the Turd Cutter on her."

Work was ok. I ordered Penni pink roses Again. I ate lunch at Showmars. Darcel's SSI conflict checking has started losing Discharge dates and ssi was actually helpful, giving us the data location on the missing information to forward to the CHS SQL team. Later the Paper bill printing was all messed due to a SSI support person copying Edits for the wrong hospital in our files.

Penni scheduled a 'Card Night' with Cian and joshua. (I used to rock soo hard. Bloody hand 3am drum/band practice, vandalism, terrorism, etc.. but now, 'Card Night'... god i need a band...) Card Night was cool. I burned Joshua a copy an old violent femmes CD. Cian works so hard making food and setting up little finger food dishes and we just eat and get crumbs everywhere. It doesn't look like very much fun for them. We brought Logan with us and he passive-aggressively made the other little dog go nuts all night. We left around midnight, Penni had to wake up early the next day for a weird Registration dept meeting at a golden Coral of all places.

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