Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't bring your kids to the movie theater / ever have kids.


Woke up early, had some coffee and checked translations. i started cleaning some drum stuff out of the living room. "Since you have not played in a band for while, could you move some of the stuff, upstairs?" Ouch. So I did it, Cleaned up the PC room upstairs, did the laundry, and then took the dog out roller blading for a while. When i came back in I had a shower and a sandwich with then Penni when to buy me a better toolbox to organize my crap upstairs. Then we went to see the Simpsons Movie. It was OK. There were little kids everywhere. Little Noisy retarded bastards. Grrr. After the movie we went to buy a cover for the little table that is going to hide the 'Traffic shaping PC' downstairs. (god i need a band)


Schaber said...

Hey B- I have to agree that parents don't make their kids behave themselves in public. I was at a doctors office today and my kids were playing with the toys and being generally quiet and their were these three mexican kids raising all kinds of hell. They were yelling and throwing crap all over the place. The parents were just staring at them, they were insane. I blame the retarded parents. My kids know not to act like fools in public. Just at home, where I can laugh at them!!! And it gives me a reason to still play with toys.

Schaber said...

My two year old wants to comment on your blog, see below, she's very talented:

-tabyhhnnm.iu m m,mbv[0--ed,
c nmm,//nnvcz j887yuyyhuhhjnmhhhhj/9K,M,.OIKHH

I think she learned it in her programing class. Funnnnn!!!

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