Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Your momma likes Mexican too, that's why she has a big thick moustache."

Ate breakfast/lunch at Quedobas with Penni , it was not good. very cold outside all day (<3)
  • Penni bought a learn to play Piano book. very very cute <3
    • manually updated my GRUB Menu.lst file so ubuntu and Fedora would boot with the newest Kernel. The new Fedora kernel seem really fast. I think it's version 2.16.20 (NERD!!1)
    • watched a new Narito.
    • Recorded an Audio question about libgphoto hell are emailed is to the Linux action show guys.
    • A gnome developers wrote back with a link for the libgphoto developer's source forge site. I filed a bug there;group_id=8874&atid=108874
    • called chuck, was at a hockey game tonight
    Coffee for dinner, 3:30am now.

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