Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We need to hold ssi to the fire, indeed.


Had a scary meeting about the new print image and translators that are going to hit tomorrow. managers quotes "We need to hold ssi to the fire..." It's like holding a rock to the fire. nothing happens, your arms just get tired.

My boss's boss's boss's home PC has a wowfx.dll virus/root kit 3 day after i reinstalled XP. I am going to try to set them up a dual boot system with XP and Ubuntu. Maybe that will help. i was feel nice and i bought chuck a gift for Xmas. i have eaten only 2 cookies, and 3 jr whopper's w/o mayo today. 194lbs . 8 lbs to go. Go team.

Practice tonight, band pictures, everyone was loaded in my car. it was freezing outside everyone was being so Silly. I was ready to go. Nothing was funny. I wish i was slower to anger about stuff like that. Oh well. They deserve me.

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