Monday, December 24, 2007

"I think copper helps heal those rashes. You should swallow a penny, that will fix you right up."


Covered the Sysadmin chair of Xmas eve, Star balanced, praise Alah! lunch with Kursty as Wendy's my treat. So tired... picked up soda for Penni and drive home for a short nap. We went to Penni's parents house for their Xmas dinner. All was nice.I added Evolution calendar for Penni's Dad's ubuntu laptop session startup. I wish Ubuntu had a slicker calendar applet that had a smaller footprint than Evolution. i ate too much and feel terrible now. so fat and tired...


Penni had to work that morning. We ate at Izzy's, Checked translations, got fitted for a Tuxedo. bought Scott and Phillip Monster brand patch cables for Xmas. The guys were late for practice, Scott was helping Phillip move. Practiced until midnight, watched Kenny vs. Spenny, crashed at 2am


Blurry, Slept late, showered, Make and published GPL skull Icons on watched Death Note and Naruto.


Short practice and band photos. I accidentally ask "What is the hardest core ______" instead of "What is the hardcore-ist ________ " , thus the guys have a new catch phrase. Great.

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