Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tried on ubuntu, meh, could be worse.


Left work 1 hour early to drop off Chucks Xmas present. He seemed to like radio control bat thing. Next I drove home to pick up Penni and setup a new tuxedo a new rental. It looks like I lost 20 bucks on the deposit for the first one. Nice. Then we stopped by the store for milk, cookies for Penni and Tortillas, diet cheese and diet soda for me. Later I Install CNR on my Ubuntu Linux Lappy. It worked pretty well. I wish it worked for plain Debian and Slackware systems, and then there could be one universal package system to rule them all. I think Penni is getting nervous about the wedding. Around midnight, I kept thinking about food and could not sleep so I read a little more of my newer blender animation book. I finally crashed around 1am.

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