Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wake up! it's Crease-muss!

Wednesday - Xmas Day

Tried to sleep late, but Penni was really really psyched: " Honey wake up it's chrees-mas! there is a really funny count down on VH1! wake up wake up wake up, let exchange presents! So i finally woke up and we exchanged gifts. Penni liked her candles, CDs. DVDs, Candles, Massage certificates, and Camera. We drove to Statesville for Mom's side of the family's Xmas dinner. I helped Dad borrow chairs and a table from Church for dinner. Traci liked her PC tower. All was well. i ate too much. Dad put salt in Traci's coffee while she was not looking. Classic. He is the man. I am still on track to hit 188 by the wedding, but it is serious time now.. 3 weeks to go...


bgryderclock said...
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Penni Gryder said...

Thank you for a wonderful "crease-muss". :)
Love you

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