Friday, May 11, 2007

a raise, a love knot, Cevin key, and a bad pissy brain.

I got a raise today. lunch with Reid Dana kursty and Karen at migale's. i worked over 30 minuted to finish up the billing. Dana asked kursty if her Celtic-love-knot tattoo was a manhole cover. CLASSIC. I called dad to tell him the news. I went out shopping for mother's day. then dinner at caraba's to celebrate (???)

I feel bad all evening, just silently mad at nothing with a headache . i hate it when I'm like this. i wish i could unplug my brains switch it out with a new one. "Darn, This one is stuck in piss-y mode. I'm glad I have a spare."

After dinner, i started Penni's dvd burning and took a long walk with the dog while listening to Cevin Key mp3s. great stuff, It felt good walking around pissed off listening to uber-dark eclectic horror-electronica.

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