Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 hours sleep, noisy restaurant, Drinky the Crow, and another sour pissy Brain...

slept 12 hours last night (Penni woke me up because she was worried)
shoe shopping with Penni
grocery shopping for Penni's parents lunch tomorrow.

Fought with Mom and Traci about the restaurant we were going to for mother's day.

"Just because you make a lot of money, doesn't mean you don't need to consider the people when you are planning dinner at some big expensive restaurant with a dress code!" -Traci

The Restaurant we settled on was packed and noisy. I was in a bad mood. Mom hated her ring. I bought dinner, which was 210 dollars with tip. My parents came my townhouse and my dad watched the "Drinky Crow Show". he liked it :)

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Anonymous said...

Traci sounds like she's in a grumpy mood

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