Monday, May 28, 2007

Rollerblading though clouds of insects..

Yesterday: breakfast at Izzy's. Bought monitor stand, bathroom tile, and light fixture. Cleaned up drum \ computer room. Ate watermelon. Roller blading at freedom park with penni and chuck. . The creek was nasty. Gnats everywhere. Got giant chocolate milk shake. Bed 1am.


Anonymous said...

Brian the builder. Remember to turn off the electricity, and clean your floor thoroughly before tiling, they will come unglued, unless your using ceramic tiles you damned liberal yuppie communist. Rush Limbaugh says that only commies roller blade through insects and then go tile their bathrooms in ceramics.

Anonymous said...

Hey you deleted my comment about vasectomies. You are reading these! That was a funny one. Is Penni that girl from that horrible band Myself tomorrow? Yick that guitarist was atrocious, that skinny dork that quit the band. What was his name? Russ? Ryne? Rolf?

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