Monday, May 14, 2007

Bill job errors, Software Raids, dreams of a dead Neighbor and laptop sound issues...

Covering Essex again today, Local Bill Job A errored out and i had to call SSI for help. A coldfeed job errored out too, i had to work over 1 hour to finish everything. The Bathroom contractor email a quote back too use today. 1045 dollars for labor, not bad.

Napped a little and dreamed our neighbor died. i dreamed we found her rotting and topless in her living room. Ugh! Psycho-analyse that! :/ penni woke me as she was leaving for a massage. I made some coffee googled linux software Raid for a while. Raid seem like a lot of trouble. i will probabily just buy another external drive and copy drive A to B bi-monthly. Penni said the massage was great and she wants one every 2 weeks.

I wanted some Unsane to listen to tomorrow so i when to, a got one song for opening an account. i tried to buy the whole Unsane Visqueen album for 4 dollars but their credit card system was down. :/ Darn Russians!

I noticed the ubuntu 7.4 installation on the laptop loses the alsasound services when you hiberate the system. you have to shutdown completely and restart to have sound work again, it's Bug filing time!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what is more pathetic a guy that posts what he ate on the internet or a guy that actually took up 20 min of his time reading about what you ate and did for the last 5 months. You are still intense, like Gargamel on steroids with blonde hair. Bgryder clock. Time is ticking in Brian's mouth. The image is sickening to say the least. I can't believe that you are 30 years old! I still have 4 months to go on that mile stone! So what do you do? are you some sortof programmer? That sounds like hell to me. Are you still rocking hardcore style?

Anonymous said...

What are you having done in your bathroom for 1045$!! That is robbery. Get more than one quote!

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