Sunday, May 13, 2007

Studio Ubuntu

  • woke at 9:30am
  • went to star bucks and grocery store to finish Penni's parents lunch
  • Lunch at Penni's parent's house Penni's dad is having Ubuntu loaded on his new HP laptop!
  • Fixed loose Rollerblade wheel, it was not a broken bearing after all.
  • Took the to the track to run around with me while i skated.
  • skated for about 20 minutes, it was hot and the dog was lagging behind/dying :/
  • went to Lowe's with Penni to buy new toilet seat, blue light covers, small mirror and towel holder thing.
  • installed all the stuff and watched tv while DLing new studio Ubuntu DVD
  • blew away the old lappy harddisk and installed studio Ubuntu. it looks great! :)

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