Friday, May 25, 2007

xorg verse the 22" widescreen LCD

My 22" monitor from newegg was just sitting outside my door in the retail box yesterday. I was lucky no one stole it. I finally got xorg to show the desktop in wide screen correctly. Penni made friends with a yoga girl on myspace. Aww! :)


Anonymous said...

22" monitors are very awesome. I only have a 17". boo hoo. you are very lucky. I bought a piano from musicians friend and those stupid UPS people left it on my porch. I live in the Ghetto, It would have been hilarious to see somebody carrying my Piano down the street on their back! HA! I don't really think you read these stupid comments so I think I am not going to put anymore in. Your life is very interesting, I was hoping to live vicariously through you. You see I have a terminal illness and I live in a bubble with my cat muffins, he has cancer too. I think he gave me cancer. The doctors say that is not possible, but I think muffins spreads cancer like a plague beast.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Mr. Muffins isn't breathing!!! I guess he finally died. Not My Mr. Muffins for goodness sakes. Why do things like this happen? Thank goodness I still have your blog to read. Oh mrrrr. MMMMMMUFFFFFINNNNS!!!!
Can I roll my bubble to your townhouse and hang our with you and your girlfriend/or wife. You guys aren't sick or anything are ya, because I am a little low on marrow today.

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