Friday, November 30, 2007

1976, last day in November, new born baby from the howling chasm of terror...


Lunch with dana, Reid, and Reid's CP and CB supervisors at La Paz. used web from to reserve xmas lunch event PA equipment. Practice. recorded brush drums / weird electronic kick drums for burgundy. forgot to call Penni at 10:00pm. she was mad again :(


PTO day. went and got the marriage license downtown for 60 bucks. Penni was nervous amongst all the parking deck, and poorly labeled office building, cops and a stranger. she was crushing my hand, pretty funny. Did you know Penni was born in Mexico Missouri? ha- ha - ha!!!. i love her so!


My birthday. watched a Futurama movie, today i made it down to 200lbs, 12 lbs to go. bought a 12" PA speaker with Penni's Dad's Gift card. Traci called and explained her anger at the last family get together, T'was boy problems. alas. Traci is strong and smart and I'm sure she has everything under control. Practice tonight. we have only 4 nights left to finish the demo/album. ( weird huh, recording 11 song instead of a quick 4 song demo.. oh well my man Scott has a vision.... god help us all^_^ )

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