Thursday, November 22, 2007

Next on Lifetime, "Why Brian Why..." One mother's story...


covered the SysAdmin chair, ate lunch with my boss. Was a little depressed all day.

The previous day, my mom called try to change my no wedding guest policy. " Why Brian,.. Why..." she pleaded on speaker phone. Penni was like "eeek! holy crap!"... I stuck to my guns but felt bad. I love being judged as a selfish cold hearted person for doing things my way. i love it. I told my friends about it and joked and laughed.

Listed to Tom Wait's "Lost in the Harbor" again, beautiful...

Went to practice, Scott wanted to rewrite the chorus to a song he wrote called "Dramatic" AFTER we recorded it. he used 32 tracks over dubbing guitar and layering vocals. sick. we ended up writing and recording a fast 32-note solo over the "dull" parts. Go Team.

we also worked on a song called"to you from me". at the beginning of the song. The guitar strums were off from the snare hits. Sense there were 2 guitar tracks and the guitars were on time together the snare sounded stumbling drunk wrong. I was so frustrated. We edit the volume on the weird spots to make it sound better. I miss loud fast messy hardcore music. (ha-ha)

Crashed 2am.

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Schaber said...

I don't see why you can't have a guestless wedding. People do it all the time. Are they sending money though? Ya gotta get da cash! Why Brian why soooo funny. That is like the time Bob and my sister cussed my wife out and then wouldn't apologize or anything and then my mom called me like a week later and told me I had to go to my sisters graduation. She said you have to go. You don't have a choice. I evidently did because I didn't go. Don't ever side with other people against your wife, it can get messy.

I have to check out that Lost in the Harbor Song.

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