Monday, November 12, 2007

Loose Change on the snare drum.

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Sunday: Ate lunch with mom traci and geoff. Mom was mad about our non-traditional wedding plans and cried. :( oh well, no regrets. Practice. Recorded drums for Pillow and a wierd trashy ending for dramatic. Penni taped the simpsons for me :)


Schaber said...

Your mom should be happy you're marrying a girl. What kindof untraditional wedding are you having? Your not getting married in a storage unit or at the tremont are ya? Brian....married. I never thought that would happen. Remember to be flexible and super nice all the time. buy lots of flowers. be a psychic. You have to be women expect it. Now I just need to find Ian a really tall chubby blonde to marry and the earth will fall off of its axis and we will all die!

bgryderclock said...

ha ha ha..

i can't post the secret wedding spot, my mom might crash it! =)

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