Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Deadbeat Son

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Saturday: Drove to statesville for a late thanksgiving Dinner at a steak house. Traci seemed pissed all day. Mom told penni that i never paid her $200 for dad xmas gift. I did pay her.

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Schaber said...

Dear deadbeat son,

You owe me 200$ too.

Thanks alot. Oh you owe Ian 200$ too. Thanks alot Brian....too funny. I hope Penni has been properly schooled on the inner workings of your family. I schooled Olga about my family. I told her to just ignore everything that they say, and when angered break something small.

This year we had Olga's family over for thanksgiving and they said I was being very rude and then they left. The hate for them I exude must just be coming out involunarily! I think I called them rednecks and I told her sister she couldn't smoke on the porch. When I smell smoke it makes me crazy.

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