Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swing lol sweet charity

JVH Witness Woman: That is a waste of time because the world is ending soon.

Me: Is that why you have gained so much weight? Is there never going be be another swimsuit season?

Translations failed, had to reboot the Servers., but i got off early anyway and grabbed a Strawberry Milkshake. Listened to an old Marlyn Mason album. Sooo good. "The man that you fear" is a great song, Sad, angry, Beautiful, Pure humanity, send that off in a space probe. I need to more of that stuff. Had a nap. Penni tryed looking up Jack Kevorkian on Myspace, (awwww <3)

my old buddy Ryan, Co-author of Beth Sucks, commented on my Blog, He is a good dad now. good ol' Rybot. : )

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Schaber said...

What is your email address you old woman? Mine is I don't think I could remember how to play any of the old Worth songs, but we could play around some time for fun. I finally got around to memorizing the notes after 11 years of playing guitar. Check out this website: Yes it is really the kent boggs! and no I have no intention of contacting him. I saw your comments on the Jehovahs. They are weirdos. They believe that Jesus is coming back on a space ship with the guys from Boston. Check out this site:
# 54 is my favorite. I wonder what kind of hat. #57 is good too.

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