Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day of pooh and depression.

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Trained dana this morning. Translations and all scheduled jobs failed. Giant issue with billing paper printing. A lady i have never met before narked on me to the VP. My boss was aware of the issue and had my back. Ate lunch alone. Needed the peace. Worked to 5pm. Picked up chinese for dinner. A little bummed all night. The new Blender book arrived. Boss called at 9pm to update me on issues.


Schaber said...

I watched all of the clock crew cartoons. Some funny. some really funny. some super dummy. :-) King of the Portal! blackberry clock is my favorite. I saw the pictures. I saw the broken lock. I still miss my big refridgerator sized 18 bass amp. And my P.A. system. Oh and my freakin' guitars. And my Pedals of doom!! Amp wall where have you gones!! Pain get back inside!!! I need you in!!! blaaahh!!! Thanks for the trip down memory PAIN!!! boohoohoo.

Schaber said...

You sound depressed. you looked depressed, maybe you should be happy. The world is ending soon. No more swimsuit seasons. Saith the Watchtower of Jehovah's! You should watch some Bruce Willis movies. That always makes me happy. "you're not gonna make it to that hat convention eh jeeves."
-Hudson Hawk

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