Sunday, June 17, 2007

translations, statesville, groceries, rollerblading, watermelon, and you.

Sunday, hot and sunny and gay. woke up early make coffee dial in check translations. played around with my drum brushes while everything was connecting. translations were good. got dressed and drove to the outback steak house in Statesville with Penni to meet Traci, Geoff and parents for father's day. I got dad some swim trunks and 2 pillows for his recliner. burned Traci a copy on the new Poison the well album and loaned her my copy on year zero. Drove back to Charlotte. Went grocery shopping bought a watermelon. Created another background image for poor ol' CrazyMcSlowJams hella-report. Called a guy about a forming band. called Chuck, he is using the same bathroom remodeler guy as Penni and I. We met at his place for rollerblading and misc yucks. I'm skating backward better, still shaky with transitioning to backwards on hills or at high speeds. busted my knees good. came home and watched family guy while eating half of a giant watermelon.

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