Sunday, February 17, 2008

Skyland, tiles, meshes and bones


Breakfast at Izzy's, got oil changed and emissions levels checked. Penni and I looked for tile at 2 shops we found some samples and bought a few to test at home. They are going to be 4.49 per square foot for 525 square feet. That is not cheap. the whole project is going to be about 5 grand. I-yah-yay. I worked with blender for most of the night trying to understand adding bones to meshes, anchoring and connecting bones.


Did the afternoon billing for the SysAdmin. I took a presidinone as instructed at lunch and i started feeling weird and turned red. I was worried, but i started feeling better around 4pm. went to practice and then bought phillip dinner at skyland for helping me out with some computer hardwar

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