Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Penni verses Birds, Brian verses Bones, Phillip verses Life.


*Penni quote of the month*

I think spring is almost here. It's warm and the birds are chirping. I freaking' hate it.


No practice, worked at blender bones. It seems that bone grouping, ( like joining 3 bones to make a "hipbone" with 3 functioning joints) shows up only in pose mode. Penni and i watched a family guy marathon and IMed each out 2 feet away on the couch. crashed at 2am like a fewel.


Phillip felt really bad at practice. i suggested push ups, he declined


Phillip called out Sick for practice.

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Penni Gryder said...

I hate Spring! Everything that was settled during the Fall, awakens and disturbs the "Sleeping Penni"...errrr!!! :)
<3 Penni

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