Thursday, February 14, 2008

heart shaped pepperoni for the win,

Thursday valentines day.

Lunch with 2 of my coworkers and then off at 1pm to prepare my valentines day blow-out.
i cleaned up the house a little and vacuumed the upstairs. I had 80 dollar long stem pink roses deliver to her work, rented Welcome to the Doll house from VisArt, bought a 50 dollar Zen massage card. 3 bottles of Penni's favorite wines. compiled a salad with blue cheese dressing, olives stuffed with Feta cheese, baked French bread with lemon-pesto-avicottio spread, and homemade Pizza's with heart shaped pepperoni. have you every tried cutting pepperoni into shapes? it' s tough, it make your hands really greasy and make your whole body feel nasty.

She seemed happy, i think it was a home run. she said she wood buy me a steel marching snare for my kit, Go Team!


when to the doctor again at 8:30, got some stronger steroid and hydrocodine. then bought all new bed pillows/dust cover and trashed the old ones. When to practice early with the laptop to test the compressor/limiter i got off eBay, and the auto-wah on the rack processor, (yup still playing drums...) got home around midnight took all my medicine and did not cough all night. i guess the flu is over for me, here is the season totals

doctor visit
a z-pack, albeutoral inhaler and cough worthless cough med
late filled pulmacort powder inhalers
doctor visit number 2
presidone pills and methyl-hydrocodine
new pillows and covers
pto sick hours used

...and thus I survive to suffer through another cold season next year, fighting to pull death's icey hands from around my throat.

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Penni Gryder said...

I LOVE YOU honey!! Thank you for all you did!! I truly feel like I am in a fairy tale! Thank you for making my life complete. <3

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