Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wizzer, virtualbox, and ManCandy


Tested a old PC with Knoppix at work today, Picked up a pizza for Penni. watched the end of 30 days of night, Installed virtualbox on my laptop and setup a virtual XP installation on it. I'd like to see of i can got vista running on it for future troubleshooting crap. (man i hate windows)


Gave Blood. Rented "30 days of night" from the red box, we used my old laptop with xubuntu to loop a drum track to Scott to work out vocals to at practice. we practiced to midnight. I got a call from Neil he;s looking to play a milestone gig with us, i passed the info along to to Scott. We are waiting for a reply from the milestone guys.


We met some more of Penni's old folks, we ate breakfast as Izzy's practiced late. Saw the movie Juno per my sister's recommendation with Penni, Chuck and Anna. ate alot of chips and and Salsa.


Slept late watched Dead Note, SquidBillies, naruto, and worked on the blender ManCandy FAQ dvd. it was pretty mean, The first 15 minutes tripled my Blender Knowledge, Order a low snare stand and shopped arround online for a new nicer 14x12 snare.

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How did you like Juno? -TBonz

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