Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zeus, Rita's Gift, and the white rap group the boutitboyz (with a z!)


Meet with xerox salesmen for a proposed building wide upgrade. Nice guys, one was a little corny. He called network tech a Techno-wizard.*cut away to an old man with a cape, long beard and wizard hat rocking out with glow sticks* picked up 2 power cords and a surge protector for the charity PC at lunch. The new owner said thanks and she is praying for me. "OK, thanks no problem really, tee-hee". Worked on SharePoint with my PR support services posse, we talked about the Report Universe sketch thing.

Clocked out, drove to the music store , picked up 2 14" black pinstripes to replace the drum head that cracked for no &#%*&@$ reason, got home,took a quick shower and drove straight to the space, changed the head, ran through the set once, loaded up the gear, and arrived at the milestone at 7:45. While parking at the milestone Scott and Phillip were goofing around and some how hit each other. The other bands saw it and went "OOOoooooh!". Great going guys, way to Rep, Very Intense. I unload and setup offstage ASAP so i would be ready quicker. The guys did not. Sweet.

The first band, Zeus has a drummer that used to gig with us in the a band called Mustache farm. Zeus was great.

My right bass drum beater popped out of the holder at the beginning of the first song of our set. #$%&*%$#!!! I thought quick, adjusted started playing left bass drum pedal with my right leg, twisting horribly. It worked, our singer said he just noticed the song sped up a little. go me.

On the last song, my bass drum hopped off my little riser bracket and creeped away from the me. I tried to pull it back with one hand during a simple part, which worked, but it caused me to miss a snare shot.

The last band was a terrible white 3 man rap group called the boutitboyz with a "z". One guy wore mirror sunglasses and looked at himself with a hand held mirror. they sprayed Polo at the crowd, threw out fake money, and ripped on the other bands and the venue. The rip for Rita's Gift, was "I read their Diary, reader's digest." (i.e. Rita=Reader's) All their samples were boring and the songs were all about "Doin'-Hos" but I did not hate them. Scott and Phillip freakin' hated them, like murder-hate, They wanted to go but we needed to stick around to get paid. the owner from the milestone kept saying "morningface" funny!!!1

We unloaded, Phillip split and Scott, Jessica, Ryan, Ben and me hit the IHop in Matthews after stopping at 2 closed restaurants. Got home at 4am and Crashed,

AND THEN WOKE up at 5AM with a massive right inner thigh cramp. Penni though it was a blood clot. Thus concludes the longest Friday every.;lkjas;lkjf;lkdsajf

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