Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rita's Gift - Which one is Batman and which one is Robin?


Played a show at the Money in Rock Hill. We played with The Light, Fluorescent, The Stellas, and Mighty Joe Young, Penni followed us down to the gig. we were really early so we unloaded some stuff and then killed some time at a Waffle House. Phillip and Scott actually argued over which one was Batman and Which one was Robin, to which Penni said, " Christ... what am i doing here?"Ricky made a movie to project on the stage during our set but the mirrors behind the stage did not cooperate. We loaded up, Listened to the other bands, got paid, drove back, loaded at the space and returned home at 4am. Penni was quite a trooper.


Woke up at Noon, baked some corn chips, watched Death Note, squid billies, and Aqua Teens online, Went to practice and change bass and floor tom drum heads. Got home at 11pm, Penni taped, Family Guy, it was the "Stroke episode", pure genius!

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