Friday, March 28, 2008

Dub Trio, Stranger than Fiction and Cryin' n' Mess


The sysadmin was back in the SysAdmin chair. He still sounded sick. I has lunch at showmars with the a new Manager. He seems pretty cool. His friend burned in a copy of a Math metal band that breaking into little dub reggae beats called Duo Trio. it was actually pretty awesome. I finished a second draft of the Cash Posting Issue Resolution Database and sent off a link for review. I tested a fix for the QA database that has was back burner-ed with i was cover the sysAdmin poop. I picked up another Redbox movie "stranger than fiction", it was Great. I cried at the End, ( in my defense it was a good ending and i was really really tired!). Penni was laughing at me hard. good times all around.


Scott pulled off the Solo piano performance like a champ. the interview got his name wrong. I ate lunch with coworkers at showmars, things went well in the SysAdmin chair. I has to stay a little later to verify the conflict notes posting PC was started on the next batch. I Picked up and watching the movie Super Bad. it was OK.

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