Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SSI Sucks / The theme from Good Times / Our SysAdmin has Super-AIDS


Woke up a little early and post an AIDS Ribbon on my sick coworker's Myspace Page. Tzoua and kursty was out today. Niki and i joked about the theme fron the show "good times" with Patient Accounting stuff inserted.

Cover for the sysadmin / good times,/
Doin' realtime reportin'/ Good times /
fixin' the translations / good times /
debug in some database / Good times /

Ain't we lucky we got'em / Good Times...

Work was rough, I broke out in hived again, awesome! I took a walk to listen to a podcast, calm down and try to make the hive go away. Had a free teamwork building lunch with management. I did a lot of support stuff between billing jobs and Run a mini translation at the end of the day to fix SSI's goof up. I Worked another 1.74 hours over time. Bought Penni a rotisserie chicken and more chocolate chip cookies. took a short nap on the couching until Penni came home, shower, had some diet cheese crackers, did a brief tutorial on using gcc to compile simple C programs, snuggled up with Penni under the blankets and watch Family guy reruns. um-um-um!


The day was very busy. SSI gave us a bad translator and a few hundred claims were totally boned. I received the news from my Boss that a Doctor told my coworker he was very contagious and needed to stay out for a whole week. "That's no problem", I said. Roxorz... Ate Lunch with Miss A at showmars and worked over 1.5 hours. Practiced again. we were talking about popping joints and Phillip believed that the sound of right fist knocking again my floor tom shell was my left wrist popping. Poor Guy. He's like a dog that looks frantically for a ball that you fake throw and then hide behind your back.


Relaxed, looked through the source code for Gtick. i need to get a little C programming training and when to Practice, Scott forgot it was that night. playing with Phillip for a while and talk with Danny for a bit. all the cool people are moving out of the space.I received a call from my coworker and later my boss that he was sick and i would need to cover for him Monday. Cover for the White Devil #1? No problem, I worked on the Funny "dead hooker mini-storage" logo in Inkscape for a gift idea.

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