Saturday, March 22, 2008

mono-develop and eclipse books - family questioning/ignoring


Woke up early with Penni. She went to a back specialist and i sat around posted more programming questions/stuff and bought two used open source programming book from amazon. one on mono-develop and one on eclipse. Death note, squid billies and Aqua Team was great. Penni drove to Statesville. i burned a copy on the new Wu-tang album for Traci. My family kept asking me questions and then ignoring my answers. Penni through it was very funny. Penni said the potato salad had too much onion...Oh No She Didn't!!!! :0


Day off. New 13" hi hat top and Rutes were delivered, picked up some good comics. I layed arround at evening andI stayed up to 5am post and researching the use of open source Apps like Mono-develop and eclipse. The ubuntu forums were much for responsive than the forums.


Interviewed a new guy for Asbhy's Position with strong a strong web development background. got my tooth fix, when to practice in terrible pain and a bad mood. The New marching snare is great and when i feel the band speeding up i can pull them back by playing hard and slower. Poor Phillip was fired from the GoodWill computer store.


Penni Gryder said...

Oh Yes I DID!!! :) where were the mashed potatoes you promised me?! That was a night to remember!! Love you sweetie!

Schaber said...

You guys didn't have smashed potatoes. I think that is horrible. We had store bought potatoes. No peeling for my mom. Just straight outta the microwave. When are you gonna shoot me an email. I ate lunch with Ian today, and He has gray in his beard and hair. Hurry man we're getting old for goodness sakes! Soon I'll be listening to Tom Waits and Johnny Cash and really enjoying myself. Uh oh too freakin late!

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