Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hey sweet-heart, ummm, why did i say that"...


went to a telecommuter house to test a local installation of CCSM. it was terribly slow. Ate lunch with Penni at Arby's. She came in and said hello to everyone. picked up light bulbs and cookies on the way home. went to practice and worked on tweaking playing the song while scott plays and triggers samples at the same time. we added some new changes to songs, The band is slowly becoming MorningFace. :)


Work the entire night at the practice space load sample into Scott's keyboard reading manuals and edit wav files on a laptop. Torture!


took a walk at lunch. Bought pepper spray for penni. bought and installed new porch light. blew a breaker. Picked up a new storm door with pennis dads truck


Worked on the two man version of battle music and learned how to use the sampling keyboard. Quit early to gather sounds from youtube.


Mothers day parents drove down, ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Bought my mom bible chapter book marks, a measuring cup and a 2 piece glass dip and chip server thingy. Showed my dad an episode of Assy Mcgee. practiced late.

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